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Respectfully 007 – Client consultations with Darren Fowler & Jamie Stevens

So, what are we doing today? The question that both Jamie Stevens and Darren Fowler hate to hear any stylist ask their client… We discuss why and what are best ways to consult with your clients. From looking at face shapes to how to say no if you do not feel confident in what your client is asking for, we chat about it all.


Respectfully 006 – Image of Hairdressing with Andrew Hall

This week, we’re talking about how to improve the industry’s image with Andrew Hall. The public’s perception of hairdressing is really not as high as it should be. We discuss the many career paths that are available within this industry and how we can start shouting about this to encourage more school leavers to want to do hairdressing apprenticeships.


Respectfully 004 – Attracting Employees with Janet Maitland

We hear many employers worrying about how to attract employees into their business, and then once they’ve got them – worrying how to retain them. In this edition of the Respectfully podcast we discuss ways, and put forward ideas, about how to keep your team happy and motivated, and the inside track on how our esteemed guest – Janet Maitland – attracts employees into her business.