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Founded on professional colour, French chemist EugéneSchuellerdeveloped a hair dye formula in 1907 whichrevolutionisedthe hairdressing world. Two years later the company he founded, L’Oreal Professionnel Paris, was the original brand of the L’Oreal Group.   SinceEugéne’sfirst discovery, L’Oreal Professionnel Paris has kept his passion alive by providing hairdressers with the most innovative products, tested, and approved by the greatest names in hairdressing. Today it is still at the forefront, with highly innovative products continuing to be one of the leads inoriginality, innovation, and market leadership. 


At L’Oreal Professionnel Paris we believe the magic in hairdressing lies between the creative hands of artistry alongside the science and innovation of products. We believe hairdressing is an artform and are very proud to sponsor an award that nurtures and spotlights the artistic talent of tomorrow.  

Education is a corner stone of what we offer as a brand and it is important to us to continue to invest in the talent of tomorrow and elevate standards in the industry. We can see this from our homegrown talent who have gone worldwide and put us on the map. Hairdressers are known worldwide for investing in their own education and upskilling, so they are always evolving and pushing forward with new talent. We are also seen as a hot spot because the UK and Ireland is a melting pot of cultures, where trends and talent are nurtured, and creative industries are rightly celebrated.