Respectfully 004 – Attracting Employees with Janet Maitland

We hear many employers worrying about how to attract employees into their business, and then once they’ve got them – worrying how to retain them. In this edition of the Respectfully podcast we discuss ways, and put forward ideas, about how to keep your team happy and motivated, and the inside track on how our esteemed guest – Janet Maitland – attracts employees into her business. The key, we hear, is in looking after their wellbeing; and importantly, if you’re loyal to your staff, then they will be loyal to you in return.

On the panel…

The brilliant Janet Maitland– Current BHBA business director of year, and the proud owner of three salons in Durham – she’s got a lot to say. Boasting 25 members of staff, with a staff retention rate of 98% – we had to ask how she did it. Listen as we discuss recruitment, wages, promotions and much more… Don’t miss it.

Hot topics:

  • How to get people into industry – 1 mins 29 secs
  • Relationship with training providers – 4 mins 2 secs
  • Apprenticeships – 6 mins 17 secs
  • Wages – 8 mins 25 secs
  • Career paths – 10 mins 29 secs
  • Secret to staff retention – 13 mins 10 sec
  • Support structures – 16 mins 12 secs
  • Investing in staff wellbeing – 19 mins 33 secs
  • Promotions – 23 mins 47 secs
  • Shaping futures – 27 mins 31 secs


Hosts: Nicky Pope & Lilly Cox
Guest: Janet Maitland

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