at #CW24

As a passionate advocate for small salons, solo stylists, freelancers, and mobile hairdressers, INDOLA has always been committed to providing a compact and effective colour portfolio that caters to every stylist’s unique needs. Their unwavering support stems from the belief that individual artists deserve a diverse range of high-quality products to express their creativity and elevate their craft.

At the core of INDOLA’S commitment are the innovative PCC (Permanent Colour Creme) and Crea-Bold product lines, meticulously designed to offer not only vibrant and long-lasting colour but also a seamless application process. New to the colour portfolio is the relaunched Color Style Mousse suitable for colouring and styling providing instant multi-benefits and unlimited services like refreshment, toning, neutralisation and lots more. These products empower stylists to achieve professional results with confidence, regardless of their working environment. INDOLA understands the dynamic nature of the beauty industry, and their colour portfolio is versatile enough to meet the demands of any styling scenario.


Recognising the importance of continuous learning, INDOLA invests in FREE online education programmes to further equip stylists with the latest techniques and trends. Their commitment to education ensures that freelancers and mobile hairdressers and small salons have access to valuable resources that elevate their skills and keep them ahead of the curve.

This year, INDOLA is thrilled to be a part of Colour World, a prestigious trade event for colourists to gather, learn, and connect. It’s an opportunity to engage with fellow colour lovers, showcase latest products, and share the passion for pushing the boundaries when it comes to hair colour innovation. 

For colour lovers, by colour lovers — INDOLA is excited to contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the beauty industry at Colour World this year.