A real hair show!

The 2024 edition of the L’Oréal Colour Trophy was a glorious opportunity to deliver a hair show. Blessed. There were two stage shows during the gala evening celebration of the winners in the #LCT24. In a time where a full-on hair show in the UK is hard to find, we revelled in the opportunity to sit front row. Metaball by the Trevor Sorbie Creative Team, and Lumber by Rob Eaton were compelling.


Launching the evening as a serious celebration of high-end colour work, we watched Metaball. Presented by Giuseppe Stelitano and Trevor Sorbie Creative Team, this was as extravagant a demo of hair colour as we expected from this accomplished team.

LCT24 METABALL SHOW- Trevor Sorbie
Metaball by Trevor Sorbie Creative Team

Volume, texture, shape and impact – the Trevor Sorbie Creative Team put together a slew of models with looks influenced from Studio 54 through to current club vibes and gender fluidity. This was a diverse, inclusive statement of colour. Dynamic and energetic, uplifting and exuberant. The round staging and dramatic, oversized screens added to the technically slick production. [All photography courtesy of Karen Hatch]

The soundtrack included Donna Summer and Madonna – just in case we forgot how to embrace the love-to-party message. Well done indeed and fitting for the occasions.


Rob Eaton headed up the team from Russell Eaton for a strong presentation of colour work that commands attention. We know Rob for his elegant, sophisticated and sometimes subtle use of colour in his photographic collections. For a night being centre stage, he opted for bold slashes, slices and blocks. Colour that socked it to us, and how!

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