Respectfully EP23 – Minimising our environmental impact with Ana McCormack & Joanne Gilder

This week, we’re talking about impact on the environment, and how we can all try to become a little more sustainable in our salon practices. After all, there is no planet B!


Ana McCormack is a PLATINUM.KEY educator for KEVIN.MURPHY, and from working alongside her at various events over the last few years – she is perfectly placed to join in this debate as someone who is hugely passionate and dynamic about working to support the environment – in both personal and professional choices.

Joanne Gilder is a part-time GOLD.KEY educator for KEVIN MURPHY, and owns her own salon Gilded Hair in Wokingham, Berkshire where she has laid out her own environmental promise to all her clients – which is very inspirational reading indeed.


  • Kevin Murphy at Tribu-te Show 2019 
  • 3m 37s – Plastics and KM’s commitment to 100% Ocean Waste Plastic packaging
  • 6m 14s – Have we become a throw-away society?
  • 7m 18s – Understanding recycling labels (see below)
  • 9m 0s – Making informed choices at purchase
  • 11m 05s – Our water is drinkable! We’re so privileged
  • 12m 55s – The great foil debate
  • 14m 30s – Collections schemes
  • 16m 03s – What about people who say “what’s the point?”
  • 17m 55s – What questions should hairdressers be asking of their brands?
  • 21m 05s – Biodegradable towels, EcoHeads and Gleco traps
  • 26m 01s – Refillable services
  • 29m 01s – Do you think things are improving?


Host: Nicky Pope and Lilly Cox
Guests: Ana McCormack and Joanne Gilder

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