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Founded nearly 20 years ago by CEO Anne Butterly, Easydry has emerged as a multi-award-winning company at the forefront of eco-friendly innovation. As the world’s first disposable towel company to achieve B Corp Certification, Easydry has established itself as a pioneering force within the hairdressing, barber, and beauty industries, dedicated to replacing traditional materials like cotton, plastic, and foil with sustainable alternatives.

Operating in over 25 markets, Easydry’s dedication to innovation not only ensures the superior performance of its products but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint and operational costs for salons. A salon with 4 to 6 stylists, for example, can save up to £8,388 annually by adopting Easydry products, benefiting from lower energy costs, reduced storage needs, elimination of laundry expenses, and minimized labour.

Easydry’s product range, which includes biodegradable towels, compostable gowns, technical capes, and bedrolls, is a testament to its commitment to environmental sustainability. The company takes pride in its FSC Certified products and packaging, sourced from sustainably and ethically managed forests. With additional certifications like OK Compost Home and Industrial and Seedling, Easydry towels are designed to fully decompose within 12 weeks, underscoring the company’s commitment to the planet.

Through a technologically advanced process that transforms wood pulp into 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable towels without the use of chemicals, Easydry has revolutionized industry standards. These eco-friendly innovations offer salons an efficient and eco-conscious alternative to traditional cotton towels, eliminating the environmental impact associated with their laundry processes.

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