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epres™ exists to revolutionise haircare.

We are a performance-first, scientifically led beauty company, focused on disrupting and sustaining technologies in haircare. We develop cutting-edge solutions for all hair types, valorize our technology through salon professionals, and use balanced science to deliver the healthiest hair possible. 

Our founder, Dr. Eric Pressly, holds more than 100 patents in bond-repair technology, but he considers epres™’ first formula to be his best invention yet: a unique bond-repair treatment that re-bonds the structure of the hair with maximum efficacy, working to repair chemical, thermal and mechanical damage—all in one simple, acid-free step.

epres™ Bond Repair was developed for anyone with damaged hair. Whether you colour, bleach, straighten, blow dry or perm, our technology repairs broken bonds to increase hair’s strength and softness, decrease breakage and frizz, and bring hair back to its healthiest state. 

Our patented molecular technology repairs disulfide bonds, which form the internal structure of healthy hair. Rebuilding these bonds with epres™ technology during your professional service leads to softer, stronger hair with less breakage and frizz—and no change in development time or desired colour effect. In addition, our liquid-molecule Biodiffusion™ technology delivers continuous repair throughout each strand, even after hair is dry.

The acid-based formula does not affect the pH of chemical services – resulting in less damage and better bond repair, without unwanted side effects – delivering predictable and consistently superior results. Our formula does not slow the chemistry of professional services whilst the quick, one-step application means no added time to your appointment.

For stylists, epres™ innovation helps you deliver your very best every day. For clients, we have created another reason to go back to the salon. And for customers everywhere, we also offer an at-home, spray-on treatment; so everyone can enjoy—and extend—the benefits of stronger, healthier hair.