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Waste management isn’t just about disposing of your waste efficiently and in as sustainable a way as possible. It’s also about avoiding the creation of waste in the first place. In fact, it’s vital that we all take responsibility for being part of an anti-waste movement. Salon-based colourists in businesses of all sizes know how washing pots literally flushes tons of product and water down the drain. Harmful and expensive. So, how to cut back?
cost of color waste laid bare
The amount of colour waste must be reduced
A fantastic service from Canadian brand Vish has already helped divert 30million grams (or about 500,000 tubes) of colour from going to waste since launch in April 2018. By comparing usage of colour stocks before and after installing the Vish system, the company can track savings as equating to £1.3million. That’s impressive and you can be part of the story. This is how it works…

Be anti-waste

Josh Howard at Vish
Joshua Howard (above) co-founded Vish

Vish is the brainchild of a salon owner called Tom Howard. With his techno-savvy brother Josh, he has produced a stylish Bluetooth scale which pairs with an app to help figure out exactly how much product you need for each client service, and record it. The app links to salon software at the front desk ensuring all formulas, quantities of colour dispensed and cost per gram are recorded centrally. Essentially this means for repeat clients you can mix from client history – refining measures according to what was actually used against what thrown away last time, and what technique you’re using this time. This ultimately helps use less product to achieve the same, and sometimes better, results, reduces costs per service which pushes up profits.

Vish helps colourists refine and perfect their formulas, so they dispense just the right amount for their client rather than over-mix,” says  Josh Howard. “In the past two years, stylists using Vish have together cut usage by half a million tubes of colour; that’s the equivalent weight of five African elephants or 15 Tesla Model Y cars. Ultimately, it means more profit for the business and greater sustainability for our planet.
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