£5.5million extra revenue banked

Colour management software should be a key part of your salon’s colour service. Vish Ltd is the UK’s leading provider of systems to ensure your colour business runs super-smoothly. A neat set-up includes scales for weighing colour used, which link to a great software system that’s easy to follow.

Vish guide Double your Colour profits

In a newly-published guide, Double Your Colour Profits in 2024: 3 Rules of Color Management, Vish reveals that more than 4 million services were delivered in 2023 using its technology. This led to an extra £5.5million in revenue for UK salons over the year.

The Vish software allows hairdressers and owners unprecedented oversight of their colour usage, costs and profits. Now, by drilling deep into the data, Vish is sharing up-to-date and overarching insights into colour use within the whole industry.  

What can we learn?

It’s vital to charge correctly for your colour services with responsive pricing based on colour used. The guide sets out three easy to follow reasons and examples for pricing more accurately, fairly and in such a way you can pass added costs to clients. It’s essential that you feel confident in your pricing in order to express the reason for added costs to your client. This will help futureproof your business, whether salon-based or working independently.

Vish guide Double your Colour profits

The data shows the average salon increases profits by more than £10,000 when switching to Vish,” says Danny Coles, sales manager of Vish. “We hope by publishing our review, including insights from key salons, we can help the industry drive higher sales and lower costs.”

Shared experiences with Vish

As well as guidance on how to unlock greater profitability in 2024, the published report focuses on three salons keen to share what Vish has meant for them. Tuckwell & Co in Nottingham and Derby captured an additional £22,300 in just six months by charging for additional colour. The Bank Hairdressing in Brigg, Lincs, brought down average colour use by 16% while SJ Forbes in Egham, Surrey, brought the average cost per colour application down by 22%.

Vish guide Double your Colour profits

You can’t be relaxed about charging for extra colour because it adds up and eats into your profitability. But you need to monitor it accurately and be fully transparent with clients,” said Hayley Gibson-Forbes, co-owner of SJ Forbes, Egham and Windsor “You can only do that with Vish Colour Management. We are acutely aware of colour costs now and how over-dispensing drives up costs for clients. Our weekly colour spend is down by £1,000. Vish acts as our moral compass and we are no longer paying for product that is rinsed down the drain.

Newsflash: Vish will be at Colour World 2024 – if you’re not familiar with the brand and its software, then seek them out. Email info@ihaa.co.uk if you want more information and to book a conversation! Vish at Colour World 2024

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