Are you charging enough?

We get it – the tricky issue of pricing your colour service is a big preoccupation. Our question is ‘are you charging enough’? While many salons owners, stylists and colourists are nervous of putting up their prices, it’s really your only way to run an efficient, and profitable service. We’re loving an initiative by Vish Colour Management, to discover what’s really going on with colour pricing, and what we can learn from it and how it can help you.

The biggest, most comprehensive survey of colour pricing is underway courtesy of Vish. There are thousands of stylists and owners worldwide already signed up and benefiting from unique data that is helping them improve their business. But the organiser, Vish Colour Management, is urging even more of you to take part before the survey closes in June.

Are you charging enough Vish
Are you charging enough? Vish will help!

Take part for yourself

We want this to be the biggest, non-manufacturer linked survey of colour charging ever carried out so that we can help salons and colourists ensure they are charging the best price for their talented services,” said Tom Bentley-Taylor, Managing Director  of Vish Europe, Middle East and Asia. “The survey will end in June, and shortly after that, we will have extensive data that can give the industry a worldwide perspective on colour.”

To complete the colour survey and receive your free report on data-driven colour strategies click here

Are you charging enough Vish
Tom Bentley Taylor

The short questionnaire has been developed by Vish to scrutinise variances in charging within similar businesses across the globe and to investigate how colour costs can skew profits. Every one of the 1,000-plus participants who have already filled in the survey has received instant (and anonymous) results on what others are charging, nationally and in their region, with the promise of a more comprehensive study using proprietary colour data from Vish once complete.

Data is everything

 “Since Vish launched, nearly five million formulas have been mixed using the system, allowing us to capture invaluable data on costs and usage. But as an industry, we need to understand why financial stability still eludes the majority of businesses,” added Tom. “So we decided to fund this wide-ranging investigation to see what pricing models lead to greater security and growth and to help guide profit growth within colour.

“Our aim is to share insight into how pricing translates into profit for salons with everyone who participates, and to find out if new pricing strategies are increasing profitability.”

Call to action

To complete the colour survey and receive your free report on data-driven colour strategies click here

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