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The title of 2024 Waste Warrior Stylist has been awarded by Vish Colour Management to  Denise Savage at Elevan Hairdressing in Brandon, Suffolk. She’s clocked an average of £0.18 worth of left-over colour per bowl during 2023. Impressed? You should be!


Denise Savage Waste Warrior
Denise Savage is a Waste Warrior

Arguably one of the most efficient colourists in the world, Denise has an incredibly low dispensing average of just £3.83 cost-per-bowl. Using the Vish Colour Management system to assess usage, Denise can ensure her clients are charged fairly for every colour service they have. Daniela Crisan from John Fraser Jenkins in Sutton, Surrey, was close behind Denise with an average of £0.23 worth of waste per bowl. Come on people these numbers are be applauded!

As we charge for time and product separately it’s important to me I do not waste products that my customers are paying for,” says Denise, who has been with Elevan Hairdressing for 12 years. “Vish quite simply is the best professional colouring tool. As a mature stylist, after getting used to the concept I cannot believe I coloured hair without this system.

Earth Month is April

Vish Color Management
Vish Color Management helps manage colour usage

Marking the importance of Earth Month, Vish uses data captured from more than 4 million services mixed on its colour management technology to assess usage. They can celebrate the most efficient teams and individuals during their annual Waste Warrior Awards. Split into individual stylists and salons, the data shows that many are not only slashing the amount of left-over colour, but, helped by Vish’s Efficient Stylist Guide, are also bringing down the initial amount mixed.

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And there’s more

The team at Fox Hair Design in Barnwell, Leicestershire, are dispensing an average of just £2.55 per bowl of colour and leaving an average £0.22 worth of colour per bowl, ensuring their place as a Waste Warrior. The average salon throws away more than £15K of left-over colour every year, adding up to an industry total of 6.8 million kg of colour overmixed and wasted. But not Vish salons and definitely not Waste Warriors. Fox Hair Design wastes only 8% of colour.

Vish Color Management

“About 12-18 months ago we embarked on a sustainability journey,” says Carl Fox, owner of Fox Hair Design. “It is really important to the team to bring down our waste and be more sustainable. We now have so much accurate information about use and costs that we didn’t have before. It has been so enlightening.

Stylists from Nikki Froud Hairdressing in Lee-on-the-Solent, near Portsmouth, are mixing even less. They have an average of £2.54 cost per bowl and £0.24 worth left over.  “Vish is my happiest hello. We are on almost 100% of every bowl being reweighed after service to check if there is any waste and that has brought my colour wholesale costs right down,” said Nikki. “Reweigh is definitely the team’s favourite KPI, producing some of the happiest banter in the salon. We have a monthly competition and the winner with the best reweigh gets a chocolate bar, and they all compete for it like crazy. We even had a girl who gave up chocolate for Lent and she still wanted that chocolate bar.

Lisa Hauck Salon
Lisa Hauck Salon; Vish Waste Warrior

For the team at London-based Lisa Hauck Salon it’s the second year in a row that they’ve been named Waste Warriors, with an average of £3.16 per bowl mixed and £0.26 left over, almost half the average waste they recorded in 2022.

Being a Waste Warrior makes me very proud of the team and very happy to have chosen Vish,” said Lisa Meyer, owner of Lisa Hauck. “I always like using technology to make things more efficient and therefore less wasteful. It makes our clients proud and gives them even more confidence in us. They see how we care.”

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The comments above are pretty persuasive. To see Vish in action, visit them at Colour World 2024. Why not ask for information in advance and prepare for a great conversation.. you could become a Waste Warrior, too. Click HERE

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