Keune Hairstylist Awards are back!

Keune celebrated 100 years with a massive show this summer

Keune Haircosmetics awards are back for the second year; another year for talented hair stylists to hit the stage from anywhere in the world… 4 competition categories, an international jury panel, and a range of prizes for the global winners. Oh, this sounds exciting! 

So, how does it work? 

The regional category winners go to the next round and qualify for the global prize. The final global winners receive a range of stunning prizes:

  • An official award 
  • €1,000 worth of Keune products
  • A meet and greet with CEO Eelco Keune 
  • Trip to the Dutch Keune HQ for a special masterclass 
  • And more…

Everyone is welcome to participate. The only requirement is that you only use Keune products to create your looks. The rest is up to you!

The judging panel includes internationally acclaimed Joeri Rouffa, James Beaumont, Daniel Yap and Mark van Westerop. In addition, photographer Lois Cohen and last year’s category winners are part of the global jury. 

Keune Haircosmetics, a Dutch family-owned hair care brand, was founded in 1922; 100 years later, Keune is now available in more than 85 countries. Last year the first Keune Hairstylist Awards was hosted with over a thousand submissions from over 50 countries. One year on and we are sure it will be even bigger! 

To enter visit 

P.S. Entries close November 29th


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