The relaunch of the So Pure range by Keune

Incoming! We love the relaunch of the So Pure range by Keune. The brand is on a mission to leave the world a better place for future generations and revising their So Pure range to include refillable pouches is a great step to achieving this. We got an exciting first peek on visits to the fabulous Keune House of Bloom in London earlier this year, and of course enjoyed welcoming the Keune UK team at their first Colour World. This year, we focussed on ensuring Colour World 2023 was promoting and working towards better sustainability.  It’s great to have brands including Keune aligned with the same mission.

Keune CW23

Now, let’s hear more about the products in So Pure: 

The new refillable hair care range is vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly. It is developed in the belief that every step in the product chain counts. So Pure is based on the clear-cut concept of buying a refillable shampoo or conditioner bottle once, then only buying refill pouches. This helps reduce plastic waste – without even having to think about it.

The So Pure range consists of 4 different hair solutions:

  • Cool (refreshes silver tones, for blonde or gray hair) 
  • Restore (for thirsty hair)
  • Polish (for frizz-prone hair)
  • Clarify (helps protect hair from pollution) 

For all hair solutions, Keune offers both a refillable shampoo and a conditioner. The refillable bottles come in 400ml or 1000ml sizes. For Restore and Polish, there’s also an accompanying hair mask.

CEO Eelco Keune, says…

“As a family company, we’ve always thought in terms of generations. So, it makes sense to work towards building a better future for whoever comes next. So Pure is one of our ways to contribute to a greener future. It’s not about completely changing the way we work; it’s about looking at what we already do and doing it better.” 

Keune So Pure

The base of So Pure is the refill. Besides that, the philosophy leans on 4 important pillars:

  • Vegan & cruelty free

All So Pure products are vegan, made with certified natural ingredients. The products are cruelty free too: Keune never tests on animals 

  • Repurpose

All So Pure products are made with ingredients sourced from the waste stream of the mighty sugar beet. That means Keune uses what’s already there; no need to grow new crops. Again: minimum planet impact. 

  • Carbon-Neutral

Keune developed So Pure with the belief that every step in the life cycle counts: from production to formulas, transport, and packaging. To compensate for the CO2 footprint, Keune offsets all unabated emissions with a certified carbon offset project.

  • Concentrated

For everyone who’s conscious of the amount of beauty products they use: So Pure offers shampoos and conditioners in a concentrated formula. So: use less, get more. 

So Pure Keune

It’s very exciting to see Keune in the UK market and we can’t wait to see what’s next… 

To find out more about the range, visit


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