Ablaze Collection by Kristie Kesie

This beautiful ‘Ablaze’ collection fell onto our desks today, it’s been a gloomy week in London so we loved seeing these stand-out colours Kristie Kesic and her team created.  

The Ablaze collection takes creativity from the colourful streets of Marrakech, Morocco and as Yves Saint Laurent says, “this city taught me colour.” This collection proves this statement again; inspired by the walls hung with bright hand-woven carpets, bunches of colourful string and mosaic-patterned steps to guide you from one place to another. 

Kristie tells us about her inspiration for the collection “I wanted to give a sensory wander through the Souks of Marrakech. It evokes a sense of taking a walk through a colourful, chaotic, and mysterious place. The colours represent the multi-coloured mishmash of these markets.” We think she’s achieved just that! 

Here Kristie describes the colour inspirations in this collection: “In the Ablaze collection, the blue background represents the street colours. Glowy skin depicts the sun shining through the broken wooden roof slates of the markets and bright clothing is a further extension of the hair providing a bright, yet contrasting pallet.” 

What a beautiful collection filled with bright colours, creativity and inspiration, thank you for sharing this one with us, Kristie!