Keune UK welcomes Jayson Gray

Keune UK welcomes Jayson Gray as a new colour visionary artist. Word on the street is that Jayson is renowned for his artistic prowess and innovative creative skills. He is a multi-award-winning colourist and principal creative of the bespoke educational brand Karbon Kyd. Jayson has over 35 years of experience, so it’s safe to say he knows his stuff. We look forward to seeing what this new partnership brings; there’s sure to be a lot of colour creativity. 

Jayson Gray
Jayson Gray

Jayson Gray

Jayson says: “I am so excited to commence my new role as UK Colour Visionary Artist for Keune. I wanted to join Keune because the brand is kicking up a storm. I love that it’s B Corp. The colour range is amazing, and it’s great to be a part of something fresh. I can’t wait to get started.” 

Keune says Jayson’s appointment will help enhance its education program as he will use his experience and skills to show the brand’s values through colour. Jayson will also lead the education on masterclasses and creative training and develop content for customer events, exhibitions and press days. We love the focus on education here. It’s always great to see brands prioritising training to support the growth of our industry.  

About Karbon Kyd  

Karbon Kyd is an educational brand Jayson founded in 2015 that offers bespoke education globally. Jayson decided that with the influx of new technology and online learning, education was moving in a new direction. So, embracing this idea, he jumped on board with digital learning and created his platform. Karbon Kyd uses Jayson’s knowledge and experience as a global creative and platform artist to help others develop their skills and techniques. He says, “This platform aims to serve as a viewing gallery for my vast archive of work. And a hub that delivers ‘no nonsense, and top-notch step-by-step tutorials in colour techniques, classic and creative.”  

Digital learning  

If you’re a team leader or salon owner still hesitant about online education, now might be the time to embrace it. Or at least give it a go! Just think about the extensive educational content you and your team can access, from anywhere in the world. 

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