JOICO unveils Consultation Guide for salon reopening’s

Over the past few weeks, the world has looked on as many countries have begun to ease lockdown, with salons beginning to reopen across the globe. Whilst we are still in lockdown in the United Kingdom, we too are looking forward to the reopening of salons. Preparations will begin soon. On that note, JOICO has unveiled a Consultation Guide that will provide valuable information when welcoming clients back to the salons.

Each re-opening will come with different regional regulations and this, of course, will influence the future working environment, just as this past few weeks will have influenced clients and their hair. Hairstylists can expect to see at least a 12-week regrowth with different levels of grey hair or perhaps hair that has been box dyed or various other causes of damage, such as aggressive heat styling. Consultation is key to creating the perfect canvas for colour application and to advise on the correct services and home care products for each individual client.

JOICO’s comprehensive consultation advice will not only allow stylists to find out the reality behind the client’s hair after lockdown; it will provide them with the client’s ultimate hair goals, which will allow for a detailed hair plan to be put in place. This will allow stylists to gain the client’s trust and ensure they get the best results and healthiest hair possible.

Note, also, that the guide will allow stylists and clients to engage in virtual consultations; this will save precious time before reopening. It’s designed to work as the perfect bridge between stylist and client, since lockdown has kept us all apart for a long time now.

You can access the Consultation Guide HERE – available to view on all desktop and mobile devices.


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