Express service with XpressColor

INDOLA proudly present you with three new XpressColor AshShades. Sitting under the Fashion Shades are 5.1, 7.1 and 9.1. With INDOLA’s #XpressColor shades, root re-touches, partial colours & short crops are now three times faster and that can only be good news, right?


Aimed at the freelance hairdresser, Indola understands that time is of the essence, which is why XpressColor promises to give greater control over time, clientele and profits thanks to its ‘3x faster’ guarantee. Known for their smart, simple and on-demand products, Indola’s entire philosophy is about supporting the solo stylist through a streamlined range that works harder and smarter for the hairdresser – and XpressColor perfectly fulfils this ‘simply, smarter’ ethos. The colour range, which now comes in a total of 21 shades, has just a 10-minute development time which was devised with the freelance hairdresser in mind, enabling them to complete more colour services in a day and in turn, increase their business turnover. 

Indola XpressColor technology

  • The Indola Xpress technology delivers 3 times faster colour results thanks to a special pigment mix and a higher pigment concentration (20-50% more pigments than PCC) 
  • Delivers high quality XpressColor results without compromising on hair quality – in just 10 minutes processing time 
  • Perfect grey coverage with up to 100% with natural shades and up to 50-70% with fashion shades 

Result: perfect coverage in less than half the service time! 

Now, that’s super smart!  

Commenting on XpressColor, Global Ambassador, Paddy McDougall said, “When travelling to and from client’s homes, time is of the essence and every minute counts when juggling your appointments. So, having a range of colours which develop in around 10 minutes is fantastic. With three new Ash shades added to the collection, we can neutralise unwanted warmth to ensure beautiful natural colour results. We can also provide clients with a wide range of choice with quick but amazing results. As a colour product it is incredibly easy to use, mixes effortlessly and provides unrivalled coverage.” 

XpressColor gives you the flexibility to easily integrate quicker colour services into your daily routine -  helping to maximise your business potential whilst delivering stunning colour results with perfect coverage. 

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