Get the Periwinkle Vanish formula

Of course you know Pantone’s colour of the year was Very Peri – but have you perfected the formula to get that perfect periwinkle vanish on your blondes yet? We know someone who has – Marlon Hawkins, Artistic Director at Brooks & Brooks – and Marlon tells us this is THE summer look.

“Very Peri delicately mixes reds and blues to create a periwinkle vanish. This mix of cool and warm makes this shade unique and I love it.” says Marlon.

Marlon Hawkins - periwinkle vanish

Your technical guide

  1. Get a clean canvas with optimum condition, starting with L’Oreal Metal Detox to neutralise any metal build up on the hair to stop breakage and give me 100% guaranteed colour results.
  2. For the global pre-lighter use L’Oreal Blond Studio 8 levels and lift for 50 mins. It’s important to pre-tone the hair helping get a perfect target shade, I used Loreal Dia-Light 10.02 to neutralise and vanish the raw lifted blonde.
  3.  Colour formula for Very Peri using Majirel glow, L.22 (18g), Majirel Blue (2g) and Clear (10g) developed for 20 mins. Glow has a beautiful shimmery finish that really brings this Pantone to life.
  4. Apply Redken One United and L’Oreal Tecniart Pli and wrap dried the hair with a paddle brush making sure there are no partings in the hair while smoothing out the length and ends. Then gently run the ghd Platinum iron throughout for a polished finish.

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