Get the look: INDOLA’S Winter Street Style Collection

INDOLA copper blonde hair

Introducing the latest drop from the Indola A/W 22 ‘Street Style’ collection. Two inspiring looks – The Artisan Craft and The Rusty Texture, follow along to recreate both styles with step-by-step guides on colour, cut & styling and a full product breakdown. Ahh we love education! 

Look 1: The Artisan Craft


The first look is a multi-dimensional blonde brought to life with pastel hues. A soft razor cut, microbraids and rough fishtail styling complement the subtle but lively colour. Try this look on light-haired clients for a vibrant yet natural shine.  INDOLA blonde hair Colour formula:

A Blonde Expert highlight ultra blonde 1000.1 + 9% Cream developer (1:2) 

B Blonde Expert Lightener 2% Cream Developer (1:2) 

C Blonde Expert Pastel P.31+ P.16+ Colour Transformer (1:1):1

D Blonde Expert Pastel P.31+ P.17+ Colour Transformer (1:1):1 

E Blonde Expert Pastel P.31+ P.2+ Colour Transformer (1:1):1 

Method for colour:

Step 1: Section the hair as shown 

Step 2: Start the application at the front of the hairline, working towards the parting by foiling tightly woven sections 

Step 3: Work upwards from the hairline to the front parting by alternating between Colour A and B

Step 4: Work the back and middle sections by freehand painting, alternating between Colour A and B 

Step 5: Let it develop for 45 minutes then rinse off and towel-dry the hair

Step 6: Tone the length horizontally section by section 

Step 7: Alternate between Colour C, D and E. Let colour develop for another 15 minutes before rinsing off

Step 8: Wash and Care with Blonde Expert Insta Strong Shampoo and Spray Conditioner 

INDOLA blonde hair

Look 2: The Rusty Texture


The second look is a genderless, and disconnected cut styled with disruptive waves. The creative placement and application of different rusty tones enhance the textured look. The end result is natural and textured, perfect for your clients who want a subtle yet impactful look.  INDOLA copper hair Colour formula:

A Blonde Expert Lightener + 6% Cream Developer (1:2)

B PCC 7.44 + 9% Cream Developer (1:1)

C PCC 6.48 + 6% Cream Developer (1:1)

D PCC 5.4 + Color Transformer (1:1) 

E Color Style Mousse Soft Apricot 

 Method for colour:

Step 1: Divide the hair into five sections

Step 2: Work section by section using a weaving technique

Step 3: Alternate Colour A, Colour B and Colour C. Leave a gap of about 1cm between the foil

Step 4: Work your way through the five sections

Step 5: Apply the front section last

Step 6: Now apply Colour D on all remaining hair

Step 7: Let develop for 30 minutes and rinse off thoroughly

Step 8: Now apply Colour D for root shadowing and Colour E on mid-lengths and ends to refine the result

Step 9: Let develop for another 20 minutes before rinsing off. Wash and Care with Act Now! Color Shampoo and Conditioner

INDOLA copper hair

Thank you for sharing this with us Indola. If you use this as inspiration, we would love to see your “street style” finished looks… 

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