The Joico Excellence Programme

Let’s catch up on the Joico Excellence Programme: an intense 10-month colour master programme that invited colourists to build on their knowledge and skill set within this creative side of the hairdressing industry.

Over the 10-month period, the team took part in educational sessions which covered all aspects of salon life; trends, commercial-cutting, colouring, and styling, all of which work towards the final looks shown throughout the photographic collection. We’ve also included their colour formulas so you can try them out too! 

Ijan Davies joined the programme’s coordinator Lorraine Matic to mentor the team throughout the process. He provided the team with helpful advice and shared his experiences working on shoots and campaigns over the years. It’s always helpful to hear other people’s experiences, don’t you think?

The inspiration for the collection was taken from the salons by demonstrating commercial and achievable hair, which could easily be recreated in salons. Just perfect! 

Let’s find out how they got these looks… 

Brunette with pink 

Colour formula: 

Joico Lumishine Repair + 

Working with the pre-lightened panels 

Blonde life lightening powder +6% 

Glazed with Joico Color intensity soft pink and mauve quartz 1;2 mixing ration 

Global Color 6NA +3%


JOICO Color Excellence Program

Colour formula: 

Joico Lumishine Repair +

Back-to-back baby lights/fine weave using Joico 

Blonde Life Lighter +6%

Glazed – with a layering and zone toning technique to enhance neutralization and bring the blonde to life

Joico Demi Liquid Glosses 

Stage 1 – 10v + 1.5%

Stage 2 – 10v + 10SB equal parts +1.5%

Brunette bob

JOICO Color Excellence Program

Joico Vero K-Pak Color and Defy Damage 

  1. Face fame 

Prelightened panel – Vero light

Lightening Powder +3%

Glazxed with Vero K-Pak Color 7A +7B 

Equal part with Vero Glaze

  1. Global Color Vero K-Pak Color 5A +3%


Art Direction – Ijan Davies 

Coordination – Lorraine Matic at Alan Howard

MUA – Rebecca Tupman 

Styling – Lorraine Matic 

Photography – Nicole Jopek 

Hair – Joico Colour Genius Programme Team

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