Panelling Look 1 – Step by step

Indola launched the Street Collection 2020 recently and introduced us to the season’s must-have blockbuster technique #panelling, which has been used in both of the collection’s looks. Here’s a step by step guide on how to create Panelling Look 1 from the Street Style Looks 2020.

Panelling Look 1

This trend is inspired by a new generation who makes conscious choices. This look features a natural palette with whispers of toffee and honey shades. Strong face frame, dishevelled length, for a fresh and rebellious result.


STEP 1: Section the hair as shown.

STEP 2: Starting at the back use vertical sections ,elevate straight up and cut short to long

STEP 3 : Continue this until behind the ear over direct the last two sections back. Repeat on both sides.

STEP 4: Cut in the baseline using the tips of the scissors and keeping a square shape and connect into the front.

STEP 5: Section off the underneath and move on to the section above.

STEP 6: Elevate the hair straight up and round the corner.

STEP 7: Split the fringe in the centre and use horizontal sections to cut in the desired length.

STEP 8: Wrap dry the hair and strengthen your outlines.

Colour Recipe

STEP 1: Section o the hair as shown.

STEP 2: Apply Color 1 throughout the underneath sections leaving up to a cm of root.

STEP 3: Work through the top sections, starting from the front to the crown.

STEP 4: Take fine slices and alternate between Color 1, Color 2 and Color 3.

STEP 5: Apply the colour on the lengths and ends to avoid harsh lines.

STEP 6: Utilize INDOLA Quick Mesh to avoid colour contamination.

STEP 7: Work back through and apply the root globally using Color 4.

STEP 8: Let the colour develop for up to 40 minutes

FORMULA: Color 1:PCC 5.3 + 6% (1:1)Color 2:PCC 6.3 + 7.2 + 9% (1:1:2)Color 3:PCC 100 CREATOR + 9% (1:1)Color 4:PCC 5.0 + 6% (1:1)

Products used




STEP 1: Wrap dry the hair using a at brush.

STEP 2: Polish the hair texture using a round brush from root to tip.

STEP 3: Apply INDOLA FIBERMOLD to the lengths.

STEP 4: Finish by working the product with your fingers for soft definition.









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