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Rainbow color L'oreal

A beautiful rainbow colour technique from Lucie Doughty for Paul Mitchell!

STARTING LEVEL: Level 10 with previous semi-permanent tones.

HAIR COLOR PREP: POP XGTM Reducer + water. Processed for 45 minutes.



Formulas Include:

  1. Paul Mitchell POP XG® Peachy Keen
  2. Pale Blue – Equal parts Paul Mitchell POP XG® Tropical Blue + POP XG™ Diluter
  3.  Soft Pink – Equal parts Paul Mitchell POP XG® Pink Flamingo + POP XG™ Diluter
  4.  Pink Flamingo Paul Mitchell POP XG® 
  5. Paul Mitchell POP XG® Steel
  6. Paul Mitchell POP XG® Purple Quartz

Rainbow hair colour technique from L'oreal

Rainbow colour technique: The process

1. Firstly begin sectioning with a small, skewed square section in the fringe. From that also square, take a larger, off-center cat-eye segment across the top of the head. Clip to secure. Lastly, create a small sliver section on the left side of the cat-eye. Keep these 3 sections clipped up and away.

2. Beginning in the back nape, apply Formula 1 to the first 2-3″ of the base. Leave about 2-3″ of natural white in the mids and then apply Formula 2 though the ends. Continue this method throughout the entire head shape underneath your top sections.

3. Tip: When creating this 3-part application, be sure to softly feather your formulas into the natural white hair left in the middle. This will help avoid any strong lines and look more seamless. Cover each section with plastic film to avoid color transfer.

Moving on: Steps 4-6

4. Release the small sliver section on the top left side of the head.  Furthermore apply Formula 3 base through ends to this section.

5. As a result release the small, front square section and apply Formula 4 base through ends.

6. Lastly, release the top cat-eye segment. Proceed by applyigng Formula 5 to the first 1-2″ of the base. Next, leave about 1″ of natural white out in the mids and apply Formula 6 through the mids and ends. Be sure to softly feather the color into the natural white so to create a seamless blend.

7.  To conclude,allow to sit for 30 minutes and then rinse well. Shampoo with Paul Mitchell® Color Protect® Shampoo and condition with The Detangler®.

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