Label.M ultimate blondes

label m shampooPlatinum blonde is a shade that will never go away. Since the days of silver screen sirens, it has been a firm favourite. Judging by the spring/summer catwalks, platinums remain one of the upcoming season’s must-have tones.

A trend that has brought Label.M Cool Blondes maintain its shine.

One thing that has changed however, is that achieving the ultimate platinum blonde no longer means compromising on the health of a client’s hair!

How does it work?

What have we here?

A fantastic Cool Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner that offers a colour-led regime that is kind to hair by eliminating those brassy/yellow undertones on blonde, silver and grey hair. All this is made possible by the exclusive infusion known as Violet Botanical Complex.

A combination that delivers tonal-corrective care with the added nutritional benefits of super-food ingredients. These include blueberries, purple potato and purple carrots which have the job of intensifying pigments to support overall fibre strength and collagen.

The products

Label.m global creative director, Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck says: “This new phase of blonde care is something that we’ve been working on for a very long time.

It was important to launch something which not only had an immediate effect on the actual tone, but also had the ability to treat the hair through active natural ingredient pigments. Pigments that would lead to really long-lasting results. We’ve seen through on-going tests amongst the international technical team that this is an incredible maintenance staple. One that when alternated with other shampoos from label.m. for increased levels of intensity.”


• Cool Blonde Shampoo is designed to enliven the look of coloured hair, adding depth and vibrant brilliance. Free from all the nasties, including sulphates, parabens and sodium chloride, its kind to hair, while eliminating those brassy tones.

• Cool Blonde Conditioner is the key to unlocking the most intense platinum, silver of grey tones. Furthermore, it intensely conditioning while depositing colour-retaining pigments. Say goodbye to yellow tones, and hello to hair that is stronger and more resistant to breakage.











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