Happy scalp, healthy hair

Don’t forget to remind your clients that their skincare regime should include paying attention to the condition of their scalp… and here’s a great way of doing just that. Introducing scalp essentials from Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty range.

scalp solution

Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty takes a new approach to hair care, blending clean, farm-to-bottle botanicals and lab-optimized ingredients that are gentle on the hair, scalp, and environment. Building on the success of the range’s launch, the brand releases new products focussing on the scalp.

Each Clean Beauty Scalp product has a pH balanced for optimal scalp nourishment and hair conditioning: Scalp Therapy Shampoo pH: 6.0 Scalp Therapy Conditioner pH: 4.0 Scalp Therapy Drops pH: 4.8.

Hello, healthy scalp! 

scalp solution

Clean Beauty Scalp is infused with gentle botanicals that help rebalance sebum while strengthening and nourishing strands for ultra-healthy hair. Infused with nutrient-rich Italian grapevine sap and soothing chamomile extract, the 3-part system gently removes oil and build-up, calming a dry, oily, or sensitive scalp with an instant, cooling effect.

Perfect for those clients looking to improve their scalp health. ScalpTherapyShampoo Paul MitchellThe hero drops are impressive. Your clients may be wondering how many Clean Beauty drops they will need when applying. 

Apply up to 0.1 fl. oz./3 ml of treatment, drop by drop, to a clean scalp and massage using circular motions. Do not rinse. For a more intensive treatment, apply 3 ml of drops all over the scalp and massage in circular motions, then style as usual.ScalpTherapyDrops Paul MitchellFor best results, use 3 times a week for 4 weeks massage using circular motions and use ongoing as needed.ScalpTherapyConditioner Paul Mitchell

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