That perfect blonde

So blonde is big always! In the Summer sunshine, Barbie-bathed months of 2023 it’s arguably THE story that fixates us all. Your clients desire the glow and sophistication of a perfect blonde… but how do you ensure you can deliver? Colourist, blonde specialist and educator, Lea Shaw works at Rural Fringe Hair in Hampshire. She’s a Joico Blonde Ambassador and gives us her take on that perfect blonde:

That Perfect blonde

Lea’s tips

Opt for a high-quality lightener with bond builder: When it comes to lightening your clients hair, investing in a high-quality lightener that contains a bond builder is crucial. A bond builder helps to protect the hair’s structural integrity and prevent excessive damage during the bleaching process. Look for brands that prioritise hair health and provide professional-grade lighteners with built-in bond builders.

That Perfect blonde - Lea Shaw

Fully saturate: Achieving consistent and even lightening results requires thorough saturation. Ensure that every strand is evenly coated from roots to ends. This step ensures uniformity and minimises the risk of patchy or uneven lighting.

Weave shallow but wide for dimension: When creating dimension in blonde hair, it’s important to weave the sections strategically. Instead of going deep with your weave, opt for a shallow but wide technique. By doing so, you allow the lightener to work on a broader surface area, resulting in a more natural and multidimensional blonde look.

Lea Shaw perfect blonde

Over direct for blending and gradients: Blonde hair often benefits from seamless blending and gradient effects. One technique that helps achieve this is over directing the hair during the highlighting process. By pulling the hair in the opposite direction of its natural fall, you can create smoother transitions and beautifully blended shades of blonde.

 Use different foiling patterns for desired results: The choice of foiling patterns can significantly impact the final result of your blonde hair. Depending on the desired outcome, there are various techniques you can employ. For instance, using traditional horizontal foils creates a natural, sun-kissed look, while vertical foils can give a more dramatic and defined effect.

The final word

Lea Shaw perfect blondeMastering the art of blondes requires attention to detail, quality products, and the application of proven techniques. By using these tips into your hair colouring, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the perfect shade of blonde.


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