Respectfully EP22 – The master of change and reinvention Andrew Barton

Respectfully EP22 – The master of change and reinvention Andrew Barton

Don’t be afraid of change, that’s what we’ve learned from this week’s guest. He’s the master of reinvention, and has explored almost every avenue of our industry from High Street to Harrods; salon ownership, editorial shoots, education, product lines… and the list goes on. It was a pleasure and a delight to listen to this man’s take on life, and his journey so far. Some of the lessons we learned? Just go for it! And, never accept ‘OK’ as a standard.


Andrew Barton needs very little introduction! Over his illustrious career, he has ticked most of the boxes in the UK hairdressing industry – winning British Hairdresser of the Year, owning his own salon, brand ambassador, TV personality heading up 10 Years Younger, and holding an honorary doctorate for services to hairdressing, too. Yikes! He’s also spearheaded fundraising campaigns for many charities; worked backstage; and on numerous editorial campaigns and shoots. Currently, he resides as the creative director at Headmasters.


  • 1m 39s – What happens when you put ‘Andrew Barton’ into Google?
  • 2m 29s – The power of recommendation 
  • 3m 36s – Tell us your background… 
  • 6m 2s – From Harrods to High Street – Do you enjoy change?
  • 8m 19s – Teams 
  • 9m 07s – Operating a salon business and key objectives 
  • 12m – Revisiting the power of recommendation
  • 13m 07s – Future of our industry is in personalisation 
  • 13m 37s – Celebrating the salon hairdresser
  • 15m 4s – Challenges 
  • 19m 10s – Words of advice
  • 21m 47s – What new opportunity has most surprised you?
  • 25m 31s – Is there any aspect of the industry that you still want to explore?
  • 25m 45s – Andrew Barton London Education (ABLE)
  • 28m 14s – Consistency is key 


Host: Nicky Pope and Lilly Cox
Guests: Andrew Barton

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