EP25 – Respectfully Podcast with Tom Connell and Giuseppe Stelitano

Giuseppe Stelitano and Tom Connell

We were thrilled that Tom Connell and Giuseppe Stelitano were able to drop into the Respectfully podcast last week to discuss working for and with Trevor Sorbie and how they prepare and get ideas for show work. Especially poignant as Tom Connell is headlining the TRIBU-TE SHOW which features a section in in Trevor Sorbie’s honour next month… Brimming with brilliant advice and insight into show work and the main man – don’t miss it.

After all, as Tom’s Dad says: “A hair show isn’t a competition… But at the end of the night, you know who’s won!


Tom Connell is Artistic Director of Trevor Sorbie International. He heads up the Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team producing shoots,  shows and seminars across the world. Tom approaches hairdressing in a unique way, treating each idea as an individual piece of work designed to explore what’s possible with hair. Tom works on a few select hair shows & shoots per year in order to keep the work interesting & engaging for himself & the audience.
Creating a show or shoot concept takes so much time, effort and commitment the only way l feel it’s worth while is to do something I find unique. If I was in the audience or looking at an image what would hold my interest. That process is what I measure all of my work up against

Guiseppe Stelitano is a technician at Trevor Sorbie’s Covent Garden salon. Hairdressing for Giuseppe is a “form of art, a way to express his vision”.  He thinks about hair as a white canvas, on which to create a personalised painting. Having qualified as a colourist in 2018, Giuseppe’s had the honour of assisting the artistic team at photo shoots and events as well as being featured in magazines like I-D, Love and Infringe.  London is the capital of hairdressing, a city full of energy and inspiration.  He chose Trevor Sorbie as a “platform for extensive education” and “to learn how to express himself artistically and professionally”.

Hot Topics 

  • 4m 51s – Background of Trevor Sorbie 
  • 5m 57s – How involved is Trevor still?
  • 7m 38s – Do you need to be in a special headspace for shows and seminars?
  • 8m 47s – Where do your show concepts come from?
  • 12m 29s – Can you teach someone how to express their ideas?
  • 13m 20s – “You don’t wake up talented
  • 14m 09s – “A hair show isn’t a competition by at the end of the night, you know who’s won
  • 15m 14s – Format of Tribu-te Show – stripped back and unplugged
  • 17m 51s – What brings the magic to a show?
  • 18m 45s – The job of these shows is not to teach but to reignite the audience’s passion for the industry 
  • 20m 14s – Preparation is key 
  • 24m 12s – Do you take cues from the audience?
  • 25m 29s – When was the last time you were wowed by a show performance
  • 29m 0s – How would you like Trevor to feel after the show? 


Hosts: Nicky Pope and Lilly Cox 
Guests: Tom Connell and Giuseppe Stelitano
Editor: Aurore Caboche 

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