A new way of thinking: Pulp Riot

PULP RIOT at Colour World UK 2019

We were thrilled to help launch Pulp Riot in the UK this year at our Colour World UK event. They created an incredible presence in our Film Shed area and got 100% behind the inventive and creative spirit of the weekend. And we’re not surprised at the amazing response they received from the industry! This American label (launched in 2016) has been the focus for many eagerly awaiting the products this side of the Atlantic.

A new way of thinking: Pulp Riot

Devised by two forward-thinking creatives, David and Alexis Thurston, Pulp Riot is all about disrupting a “stale hairdressing industry and putting the power back into the hands of the independent artist!”


So, keeping people at the heart of the brand, it comprises of a group of developers, content creators and educators and allround groupies who are now over 100-strong of the world’s top hairdressing artists. They spread the Pulp Riot message, authentically inspiring hairstylists across the world through online, live and streaming education as well as on Pulp Riot TV.

The UK Riot Squad!

Now the first UK squad members and educators have been selected and are ready to get to know you. Look out for them on social – each has an awesome IG presence as well as the skills to share product news live and engagingly.


The brand explains their mission: “Pulp Riot squad members will be given the tools and the platform to be the new stars of the industry. They are provided with coaching, education training, mentoring and support from some of the most successful social artists in the world. A money-can’t-buy backstage pass to the industry.
“Pulp Riot create regular opportunities for the squad members to shine, whether it be featuring them at major hairdressing events, supporting them to enter awards and competitions, giving them opportunities to run education and build their own education careers.
“They are also the first to get all new Pulp Riot products and regularly receive exclusive Pulp Riot gifts and merch. Plus once a year the brand host a dope ass party where they are all invited….so watch this space!”

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