Batik tie-dye hair

Ta dah! A hot trend for this summer from a fantastic collection by Rainbow Room International using their colour technique (as seen in the full winning collection)…  the Batik tie-dye colour technique.

Rainbow Room International Batik Tie Dye

How to do!

While it’s a bit unusual this is a fun way to be inventive and artistic with clients ready to opt for a more fun and bold hair colour choice. Think festival and holiday season and get practicing!

This technique is similar to the freehand hair colour technique, where stylists will look at the clients hair and see where the colour should be placed, rather than using traditional foiling methods. But, instead of using a regular paddle, stylists can just like an artist, apply the colour on via sponge to give sections of the hair a striking and pigmented hair colour application. Beware, its not low maintenance, this one is certainly not. Clients will need to keep the colour maintained at home with colour-protecting products and hair treatments to keep the colour sealed in and looking its best. Also to be aware that should they wish to get rid of the colour, they may require a couple of trips to the salon to take their hair back to a more natural hue.

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Suzie McGill explains

Mistriss of the Batik tie-dye, Suzie McGill is artistic director at Rainbow Room International and shares her knowhow.

“I love to use this colour technique to give the hair a gradient of colour. Colouring the base of the hair a lighter shade and then using the tie dye technique to add a pattern in the middle of the hair that instead of blends into the lighter hair colour, bleeds into it. It blends beautifully but instead of being seamless, is more striking.

“For clients who want a more subtle look, this can be done by creating more of a blend in the hair. As the colour starts to wear off the sponge, take this back through the areas you have covered to blend the colour out into the base hair shade.

“I love to add a vibrant colour to a light blonde to create even more of a show-stopping tie dye look. More vivid hues like yellow are a great choice. These are shades that clients may not want to wear all over their hair but may be more inclined to try in these targeted areas to create a super quirky finish that looks particularly stunning paired with a short crop.”

Thanks Suzie! Get creating everyone… this is your mission!

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