Schwarzkopf Professional’s revamped colour line

Welcoming Schwarzkopf Professional’s revamped colour line. BLONDME has been updated with new products, key looks and salon services.  

It can be tough maintaining your client’s blonde hair but Schwarzkopf Professional aims to dedicate its updated range to the diverse needs of blondes. The revamped BLONDME colour line includes an integrated anti-metal bond protection technology in the hope to master any blonde challenge. 

Schwarzkopf Professional seeks to understand the importance of blonde hair, it’s much more than just lightening. BLONDME aims to show that there is a blonde for everyone irrespective of skin tone, hair colour, age, gender or lifestyle. We love this! 

Schwarzkopf BlondeMe

A fun fact for you… 

Blonding services make up over 60% of a salon’s colour revenue, which is why it’s so important to work with a good blonde system. Schwarzkopf BLONDME colour range has been revamped to bring hairdressers innovation and performance, with new and improved lightening and toning products to help make your salon a premium blonde expert.

So, let’s find out what’s been updated:

  • BLONDME Premium Lightener 9+
    • Improved high-performance powder lightener with less swelling and great lift
  • BLONDME Clay Lightener 
    • Clay lightener with Schwarzkopf’s unique soft-to-solid formula, specially designed for freehand techniques. 
  • BLONDME Precision Lightener
    • New swell-control lightener for precise regrowth services, with up to 7 levels of lift 
  • BLONDME Bleach & Tone
    • Lightener additives for lightening and neutralising in one simple step to achieve the perfect base. 

Schwarzkopf tells us the BLONDME colouration portfolio has been revamped with integrated Anti-Metal Bond Protection.

Schwarzkopf BlondeMe

Let’s take a closer look:

  • BLONDME Pastel Toning

9 intermixable pastel toning shades designed to enhance and neutralise hair bases 8–10 for the indispensable finishing step after every lightening service

  • BLONDME Deep Toning
    5 intermixable deep toning shades designed to enhance hair bases 5–8 for the indispensable finishing step after every lightening service.
  • BLONDME Blonde Lifting
    6 high-performing lifting shades for up to 5 levels of lift and toning in
    one step. 
  • BLONDME Lift & Blend
    6 lifting and white blending shades for mature blondes, with up to 4 levels
    of lift.

Schwarzkopf BlondeMe

BLONDME Dual Bond System – Strong Bonds for Strong Blondes

Schwarzkopf tells us the BLONDME colour portfolio aims to tackle every blonde hair need, complemented by the BLONDME care range. The new range offers premium, recyclable packaging, an improved assortment structure and upgraded technology. Sounds ideal. 

BLONDME Technology:

The Dual Bond System composed of BLONDME colour and care products helps to reduce damage. It protects the bonds during chemical processes and helps to create new bonds with the dedicated in-salon and at-home care ranges. Schwarzopf promises that the Dual Bond System will give you the maximum confidence during colouring and lightening, creating the best results for your clients. 

Schwarzkopf BlondeMe

Colour – Let’s learn about the new Anti-Metal Bond Protection:

The integrated Anti-Metal Bond Protection Technology in all BLONDME colour & lightening products creates a protective layer around the hair bonds for minimised hair breakage. Combined with a new biodegradable Anti-Metal Agent that captures and neutralises metal ions in the hair, it further mitigates hair breakage and optimises the colour result. No Bonding Additives or Anti-Metal Treatments needed, which will save you time and money in the salon.

  • In-salon & Home Care – Bond Creation

3D Bond Creation Technology in all BLONDME in-salon care products creates new 3-dimensional bonds and stabilises the hair structure for long-lasting strength and suppleness.

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