Introducing The Lonely Boss Lady

Introducing The Lonely Boss Lady! She’s ready to share your thoughts and frustrations with being a salon owner. The LBL, equally known as Tina Hollis, understands it’s not easy to move from being a hairdresser to a salon owner. Often you’ll feel quite overwhelmed and lonely. Suffer alone no longer… Tina’s service as The Lonely Boss Lady helps combat isolation or stress by supporting and guiding salon owners in the hair and beauty industry. Tina Hollis The Lonely Boss Lady

As a young salon owner (age 25), Tina says she was “young and naïve” to the business world and had a lot to learn. “Being a good hairdresser or beauty therapist alone wasn’t going to be enough” and she soon learnt that there’s so much more going on behind the scenes when you run a salon. Now she is here to share her knowledge and experience with you. 

Tina instils an ‘anti-corporate’ approach into her coaching and business education. The down-to-earth and friendly style helps you salon owners gain the confidence and skills they need to succeed. Tina believes that the key to these positive changes is accountability and teamwork, which is where she comes in. 

Importantly, Tina still works within her salon and feels that this helps her stay connected with the ever-changing expectations of staff and clients. Her goal is to retain a happy team and ultimately help other salon owners grow and succeed. 

Tina Hollis The Lonely Boss Lady


Tina could be the support you’ve been looking for in your salon. 

She can provide help through coaching, training, judging panels and speaking events on the following topics: 

Achievable goal setting Leadership development  Time-tracking 
Creating a culture of success  Process improvement  Communication technology 
Mentoring and coaching employees Financial planning Implementation 
Developing strategies for success Risk management  Project management 
Analyzing business data Marketing strategies  Resource allocation 
Customer service Networking business operations Accountability 

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