Brand new colour blending and delivery system by yuv Beauty

Have we got news for you… today’s launch of a fabulous innovative colour blending and delivery system from yuv Beauty, a new BeautyTech company. It could make your colour service more simple, agile and creative than ever. Ta dah! We introduce the world’s first smart hair colour lab for salons and freelancers.


A neat, light  mobile unit with a huge capacity for creating any colour you want, the yuv Lab is a patent-pending system that dispenses millions of custom colour formulations at the touch of a button. It could save the average salon hundreds of pounds a year both from more efficient stock control ,and prevent colour wastage. Not to mention it’s a truly sustainable and space-saving alternative to current systems.


The yuv Lab allows professional hair colourists to create precise bespoke formulations that are tailored to each individual client’s hair type and desired look through the control of your phone or tablet. From quarter shades to the addition of tertiary tones, pH control, translucency-opacity levels, the system uses advanced technology to create the perfect blend of colours and tones, ensuring a flawless and consistent result every time.

Superbly sustainable 

yuv, pioneering a new approach, has developed tailor-made refillable cartridges for the yuv Lab, with the goal of ushering in a more environmentally-conscious future for the hair industry. The yuv Lab uses aluminium, metal cartridges, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional single-use colour tubes. The closed-loop system of refillable cartridges also reduces waste and contributes to a more environmentally friendly approach to professional hair colouring. 

yuv will be joining us at Colour World 2023 for the chance to give this revolutionary equipment a go in person. Grab your tickets here

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Colour performance

The yuv innovative and gentle hair colour formulation is designed to achieve maximum customisation, providing up to 100% grey coverage, whilst maintaining the integrity of the hair. The ME-PPD technology replaces PPD or PTD which are the main sources of reactions in other colour lines and it has been scientifically proven to dramatically reduce allergic reactions. Furthermore, the yuv® Lab is fully equipped with all the developers colourists need, including a cream bleach, and offers the flexibility to substitute ingredients for achieving semi-permanent results.


“We are thrilled to launch yuv and bring a new level of innovation to the professional hair color industry,” said CEO & founder Francisco Gimenez. “The Lab and pay-as-you-dispense model offer salons a more efficient and cost-effective way to color hair, while our commitment to sustainability ensures we are doing our part to reduce waste and protect the environment.”


Financially fabulous

The yuv pay as you dispense model means that salons and freelancers will only ever be charged for what they use, no more over-paying for dead stock. The new way of purchasing colour is a cost-effective solution for everyone and allows salons and freelancers to better manage their inventory and reduce their waste. yuv has developed smart algorithms that ensure colour cartridges are automatically restocked; based on their own unique usage, with no upfront inventory costs. 


yuv is committed to innovation and sustainability, and the launch of the yuv Lab is just the beginning of their mission to upgrade the professional hair colour industry. For £49 a month, salons and freelancers can subscribe to yuv and get access to its business solutions, including a yuv Lab, an Apple® iPad® to access the yuv app and a thermal printer to label hair colour bowls. 

The yuv Lab will be showcased at Colour World 2023  in London on May 14th and 15th. Attendees will be able to try this exciting addition to the salon and the yuv team will be on hand to demonstrate the Lab and answer any questions. Grab your tickets here

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