Introducing Goldwell’s colours of the season

Introducing Goldwell’s colours of the season: Rose Beige and Key Lime. Goldwell believes these colours will be IT this spring/summer of 2023. Let’s find out more… 

Goldwell is once again collaborating with global trend agencies and colour trend experts. They believe for  spring/summer 2023 the creativity in colour has trickled down to become more neutral shades, with classic tones having more multi-dimensional quality. 

Kicking it off with Rose Beige

A tinted neutral enriched with pink, adds a layer of warmth to the hue, allowing for a level of calm and serenity.

ROSE BIEGE Goldwell colour of the year

We’ve spoken to global colour expert and Goldwell’s trend partner, Jane Boddy, to find out more:

“Soothing beige restores a sense of calm, promoting feelings of serene tranquillity. These reassuring qualities are retained as beige is ignited with an illuminating layer of pink, creating a sweetened, dynamic level of colour in a typically classic tone. These progressive, multidimensional qualities dip between soft beige and pink within varied light settings. Rose Beige radiates sophistication with a refined level of warmth.” 

ROSE BIEGE Goldwell colour of the year

Next up, Key Lime

A modern green that connects to the trend of a colour that often makes us think of nature, and our planet. Green has become a colour that radiates vitality and fresh goodness, as opposed to the colour of envy from its past. We’ve seen Key Lime taking over… spotted in both fashion and beauty industries but it hasn’t stopped there, the automotive and product design industries are showing off the Key Lime trend too.

KEY LIME Goldwell colour of the year

Let’s hear more from Jane Boddy: 

“Harnessing the purifying, feel-good aspects of nature with its gentle brightness, Key Lime is nature’s green with an artificial edge. Distilled through a synthetic lens, green is softened and lowered to a soft pastel level, yet retains an almost near neon quality, hinting at the restorative, botanical qualities of nature’s greens but fused with a fresh, revitalizing zest, giving Key Lime a modern, clean edge.”

KEY LIME Goldwell colour of the year

Give it a go, here are the formulas… 

Rose Beige formula with Goldwell TOPCHIC: 

2Oml system developer lotion 6% 

10ml TC 10P 

5ml TC 8SB 

5ml TC 7RB

2 drops @PP Cool Pink 

Key Lime formula with Goldwell ELUMEN: 

40ml ELUMEN AB@9


1ml ELUMEN TQ@all

We can’t wait to see more neutrals around… If you’re feeling inspired by this we would love to see your take on Goldwell colours of the season; tag us in your looks @colourworlduk

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