Colour World is green in 2023

In a few days time, Colour World 2023 will take place in a new home: Shoreditch Electric Light Station in Hoxton, London. And this year the key colour is green!

Colour World 2023 is getting everyone talking. Anticipating similar visitor numbers as pre-Covid, the excitement is ramping up with more than 50 colourists, and 19 brands sharing inspiration, information and knowledge over the two days. Tickets are selling fast, and the anti-zoo format ensures everyone has a chance to get close with their colour heroes and colour brands. We also delighted to be making moves to become more planet-friendly, too.

Powered by Respect for Hair, the Colour World event launched in 2016, and now, in its 8th year will focus on improving the sustainability and mindfulness of the event. It’s time to demonstrate how we can continue to have gatherings that celebrate the colour services provided by hairdressers, but also look forward to lessening the impact the industry has on the environment.

Karine Jackson, an eco warrior and salon owner, has stepped up as Sustainability Curator for Colour World, and is working on the event with the Green Salon Collective. Together they are collaborating on conversations with the Colour World team and exhibiting brands, as well as service providers such as food vans.

Colour World is hands down the ultimate hairdressing event of every year! It’s bursting with inspiration, good vibes, and a fantastic mix of people that will leave you feeling energized and invigorated. With Karine Jackson and the GSC team, we are on a mission to make this the most sustainable event of the year too! Colour World is an amazing event that we fully support and I’m looking forward to celebrating all the positive change it brings to the industry!” Fry Taylor, Green Salon Collective.

Action plan

Karine and the GSC offer advice and practical know-how on how to join an event with as much impact but less waste than ever. A checklist is provided and Karine reaches out to each participant to offer ideas and support. The GSC will be ensuring that as much as possible, the waste/activity leftovers at Colour World will be diverted from landfill. Fry Taylor will be on hand to share how taking action can be achieved whatever your level of experience or status as a hairdresser, from freelance to salon owner.

“We’ve been working with Green Salon Collective for a couple of years now, and find what they do interesting and thought-provoking,” says Colour World organiser, Nicky Pope. “Karine approached me and suggested that we could really ramp up and support ways in making the way we host Colour World more sustainable. We see this happening across industry and it’s important to part of the shift in mindset. Colour is our world, but it can’t be at the cost of the planet.”

Karine Jackson at CWUK22

What’s actually being done?

There are several tenets to the plan of action by Colour World with Karine and the Green Salon Collective (GSC).

A plea for not bringing single-use plastic has been in the Colour World contract for several years. Now it is to be upheld more sternly. Brands exhibiting at the event are requested not to bring or create pop-up banners or display material using plastic unless it has been, or will become multi-use.

GSC how does it work

On purchasing a ticket, visitors are invited to pack a cloth bag and to bring their own drinking vessels. Any cups/glasses that are provided by Colour World come from Vegware – suppliers of compostable catering disposables. The food van operators have been encouraged to ditch plastic containers in favour of canned drinks and food holders. And hot water at the backwashes will be set to a lower temperature than in previous years, while courtesy of the brand, supplies of EasyDry towels and capes are on offer to all the working colourists.

For the colourists working, GSC will be ensuring that all foils – however ‘contaminated’ with colour – and tubes will be taken away to be cleaned and recycled at their dedicated recycling plant. There will be separate bins for food waste, and we will also have recycling bins for cans and containers. GSC will also be clearing pipe work at the backwashes and intent on lifting all waste, from food to packaging, to divert everything possible from landfill.

This year, the amount of printed signage at the event is dramatically reduced – we’re using QR codes and links to an online map for example. The use of décor such as balloons, lighting and specifically created items has been channelled instead into hiring trees and plants which will be enjoyed many times over in many places. Students have been creating collage pieces using recycled magazines and fabrics as materials. We’ve done what we can to borrow or hire items rather than purchase new. The aim is make 90% or more of event equipment and furnishings re-used and/or recyclable.

“This is the year that Colour World is raiding its stores to re-use and recycle many items which have been left behind at previous events”, says Renee Myburgh, senior event organiser at Colour World. “The team will be wearing T-shirts from previous years rather than printing new ones. A stand in the Link Studio area is offering visitors to take and use products (tubes of colour and styling products), accessories (bowls and brushes) and bags left from previous years. A donation of £1/item or £5/bag will go to the Haircuts4Homeless charity to support their work.”

We are aware there is much to learn and share about how to act more sustainably as a colourist and hairdresser. This year we have Genius Panel debates in the Listen & Learn room each day discussing sustainability which everyone can join in. And the Green Salon Collective space in the Link Studio is perfect for dropping by and asking questions.

Green Sustainable Genius Award

In a dynamic move, the exhibitors, artists and food suppliers will each automatically be invited to enter the Colour World Green Sustainable Genius Awards category. There will be an award for the most sustainable in the following sectors:

• Large space brand

• Small space brand

• Food van

• Guest Colour artist

This will be judged by the ‘green libertines’ at GSC together with Karine Jackson and based not only the messages and actions during the two-days of Colour World, but also on the ‘footprint’ or lack of, that is left behind. Accordingly, the announcement of the winners will be made at the end of May. It will be the first announcement of its kind and bring something valuable to share with clients and hairdressers alike.

Karine Jackson says: “Thoughtful consumption is my mantra for years now. We are a modern world, forever pushing forward and I am proud to be side by side with Fry and GSC team, along with Sustainability curating with Nicky and the team at Colour World 23.

“It’s so exciting. I believe as an industry all steps towards thoughtful consumption can make hairdressing UK the leaders of sustainable practise.”

“If you’re at Colour World, come and say hello to the GSC and ask the brands presenting to tell you about their commitment to sustainable actions. If you’re not with us, do watch out on our socials and online for stories, features and news of how this year’s Colour World has done in greening up hairdressing!” Nicky Pope, owner and creator of Colour World.

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