Introducing Fastfoils

Introducing Fastfoils! An established American brand, Fastfoils is expanding its reach to the UK and Europe after having success in the US and Canada. It’s an exciting proposition for salons and freelancers in the UK!   

Fast foils logo

Fastfoils is sleek black and silver foil, which seeks to protect hair health and speed up processing time by up to 25%. This is key in saving time behind the chair and therefore generating more revenue for hairstylists and salon owners. Fastfoils claim to transfer and hold heat more effectively for faster processing time, reducing the need for damaging higher percentages of developers. Sounds pretty good!   

Tested and backed by major hairdressing names in North America, as well as wholesalers and distributors in the UK and Europe, Fastfoils will give colourists more freedom and better results in their creative processes. And to mention all whilst still applying in the same way as conventional foils.    

FASTFOILS was conceived and developed by UK-born Canadian colourist and Salon Owner Ben Barkworth when working at London Fashion Week in 2018.  Known for his work with Toronto-based JUSTB Salon and JUSTB Professional Products, he also developed the Unicorn Palette, an innovative, compact mixing palette with six compartments and brushes, designed to assist creative colourists.    

FASTFOILS is supported by Director of Education, J Ladner, who is based in one of the US’s creative hubs, Los Angeles.  J is known to colour the hair of stars and celebs and currently has over ¼ million followers on his Insta profile.  Ben and J travel the entire US educating at trade shows, events and launches.  

Fastfoils applied

Their expansion into the UK signifies a milestone in the company’s journey to make top-quality hairstyling tools and education accessible to British hairstylists and salons.    

Let’s hear more about the brand from Ben…  

“We are delighted to bring Fastfoils to the UK and partner with our exceptional distributors,” said Ben Barkworth, Founder of Fastfoils. “Our commitment is to hair health and helping stylists work smarter, not harder, and to bring leading education to stylists. This is at the heart of everything we do, and we’re excited to empower British hairstylists with the tools and education they need to excel in their craft.”  

We’re looking forward to seeing this expansion in the UK… Find out more about the brand on their website 

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