Time for marketing tips with Phorest

You know what they say, “failing to plan is planning to fail” so we’re getting ahead of the game with Avril Kealy, Phorest digital marketing expert, as she shares her tips for Valentine’s Day…  

As with any key retail day in your marketing calendar, you’re going to want to plan a retail strategy for Valentine’s. You’ll want to ensure clients are keeping up to date with your promotions and salon updates. Enter Phorest – the latest salon software that assists in managing and planning your campaigns.  

Automated marketing saves time & effort  

Automated salon marketing tools, like emails, SMS messages, and social media ads, are a game-changer for salon owners for key dates like Valentine’s, allowing you to stay connected with your clients without having to spend too much time or effort on communication. 

Plan your marketing strategy to make the most out of it, curating Valentine-focused messages that let your clients know that slots are filling fast and that they should book soon. Automated marketing allows you to keep that all-important communication loop that clients love so much, while also working to make your business more money. 

Phorest promotions

Advertise gift vouchers online  

GIft vouchers are an extremely popular present for Valentine’s and a great way to cover colour costs – your clients may want to leave hints to their partner – so make sure that you’re not missing out when your clients decide to buy! Make it easier for them to purchase your gift cards by offering them online. When gift cards are available to download as soon as someone purchases them, it not only saves the buyer the hassle of having to visit the salon and pick them up in person but also allows you to generate revenue without any effort.  

Don’t forget to then advertise your gift cards using SMS and email marketing, as well as social media ads that contain strong calls to action (CTAs) and links back to your gift card buying portal; getting the word out there that you have the perfect gift idea, available to purchase at a click. 

Phorest gift vouchers

Open your online shop 

Opening an online shop has several advantages, especially during key retail gifting times like Valentine’s.  It allows salon owners to reach an audience beyond their regular clients while also saving time and physical space in the salon.  

To supercharge your retail sales this year, why not open a system-linked online shop to start selling your products online immediately without any manual product uploads or hassle? With more time available for you to focus on marketing, you can start advertising your products as the perfect Valentine’s gift ideas, boosting your online presence and your revenue while doing so! 

Phorest online shop

Thanks for the advice, Avril… It’s time for you to get your marketing plan together and what better way than organising with a useful salon system like Phorest!  

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