Spook-tacular hair

Halloween is approaching and we’re enjoying the spook-tacular hair colours we’re seeing on the gram. From pumpkin inspired using warm tones to black and grey blends. Osmo ambassador, Jes McMahon is known…

Unapologetically Me

‘Live Your Life In Color!’ has always been the mantra of exuberant colour brand Crazy Color®. A new campaign called ‘Unapologetically Me’ portrays real people in glorious colour. We love it! A…

hair colour by Emma Simmons

Be You

We’re all over this new collection from Emma Simmons of Salon54. She has such a way with colour; expressing bold tones with a light, touch that reflects the kind of shimmering, surreal…



Well, well what do we have here?  A father & daughter duo! William Gray and Bianca Gray from Grays International in Airdrie, Scotland have created with their Chromatic Collection a series of looks…



Smudge by Saffy Burton is a mini-collection that catches our eye. A new technique  her clients love. There’s been plenty of time to play with colour during Lockdown and we’ve seen lots…



Heralding the new term, we’re keen to see hairdressing creatives pushing a strong colour story for a positive Autumn/Winter season. This release comes from HOB Academy, representing the large London-based salon group…

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  • Spook-tacular hair

    Halloween is approaching and we’re enjoying the spook-tacular hair colours we’re seeing on the gram.…

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    We are terribly sad to share the heartbreak news that Chris Williams, international colour director…

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    Whether you’re a busy salon owner, an eager-to-learn apprentice or an industry newcomer, we’ve got…

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    It’s the hair colour that comes back this time every year. The warmer tone that…

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