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ombre hair colour techniques

Headmasters new colour services

We are great believers that you must create services enticing clients to try something new from time to time. So we’re definitely on board with the latest colour initiatives from leading high…

Pastel toners from Alter Ego Italy

Big hitting hair-icons including Kylie Jenner, Rita Ora and Kirsten Stewart have all rocked pastel shades recently – from the gorgeous greens and beautiful blues, to pretty pinks – reports Alter Ego…

Colour World UK 2018

VIP goodie bags revealed!

Thrilled to see more big brands sign up to join our fabulous Colour World UK 2018 gathering in ONLY FIVE WEEKS time! Welcome to Wella Professionals who are hosting colour demos, to…



Casey Coleman demonstrates the power of video messaging with this great little shout-out film for the first ever #patchtestparty. We love it! Casey’s short film is not brand-specific, rather covers 5 easy…

Who are we?

Colour World is powered by the Respect brand which has been informing, educating and inspiring hairdressers for five years at

Now it’s time to honour and support colourists! We launched the Colour World UK event in 2016 with a two-day gathering in London focusing on sharing and inspiring colourists of all ages and stages, in an anti-zoo environment. This means all coming together on one level – no stages, no barriers, no limits! The freedom of expression and opportunity to exchange ideas and contacts has proved invaluable. We extend this ethos now to the hub here at Colour World UK. If you have anything to contribute, don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope you find the site easy to navigate, but if you have any suggestions, then let us know. Get involved!

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