Steph Peckmore colour trends

Steph Peckmore colour trends for AW19

Steph Peckmore wowed the judges in the Colour World Colour Genius awards to scoop the title #Colourtastic Genius, and we’ve been watching her closely ever since. This feisty young lady – Colour…

Robert Kirby

Studio 54 by Robert Kirby

We’re enjoying this feel-good, disco-inspired collection from IHAIR’s UK artistic director, Robert Kirby. Robert wowed with his colour prowess earlier in the year with several live demonstrations at Colour World, and these…

Faction 8 by Pulp Riot

FACTION 8 by Pulp Riot

Heads are turning at the launch of Faction 8 by Pulp Riot – permanent hair colour offering 80 killer shades in 10 colour families. We’ve been waiting excitedly since hearing this awesome…

Crazy Color Hype

Have you heard the HYPE

CUSTOMISE YOUR COLOR Customisation is one of the biggest trends in our industry at the moment – and rightly so! Everywhere you look, you’re being encouraged to create a ‘bespoke’ or ‘personalised’…

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