New Technique – Sculptoning

Eco-friendly haircare brand, Davines introduces us to a brand new technique – sculptoning, which enhances blondes by face contouring. Blonde hair trends have been around for years. The success of the blonde comes…

Metal Head

Creative Placement x Metal Detox

Does life as a colourist occasionally get a bit repetitive? Doing the same old colour service on the same clients? L’Oréal Professionnel and Ken Picton salons are collaborating in a live seminar…


Nacar by Christian Ríos

The name of this collection, Nacar, translates in Spanish as mother-of-pearl. You’ll notice the hair colours are shiny and have iridescent reflections to emulate aspects of the precious pearl. Christian Ríos is the creative…


Hope by Olga García

Fun, quirky and vibrant! The Hope collection from Olga García represents hope and freedom. Now, isn’t that something we have all been dreaming of since the very first Lockdown last March. There is…


Not Another Mullet

The mullet is back! Allegedly…. you may have spotted the style coming up increasingly on their socials as Sophia Hilton and rest of the Not Another Salon team have been working on…

0 Shares nudes

COLOR.ME show us their nudes

The new nudes from COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY are a very much welcomed gift to any colourist. For years now we’ve been having nude options with our makeup, our clothes and even with…

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  • New Technique – Sculptoning

    Eco-friendly haircare brand, Davines introduces us to a brand new technique – sculptoning, which enhances…

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