Your festival look with Pulp Riot

Wondering how to achieve a vibrant festival look?  Then look no further as Pulp Riot Artists Pedro Plastic and Stephanie Anne share their step-by-step to creating this fantastic festival colour and style.

Step 1: Lighten the hair to create an even canvass using Pulp Riot BlondeAF and 20vol developer. Leave for 45 minutes then rinse.

Step 2: Separate a section at the front of the hair to create a beautiful, face-framing money piece.

To the rest of the hair apply a global colour comprised of an equal mix of the following shades from the Pulp Riot Semi collection: Smoke, Powder and Blush. This will create a beautiful smoky mauve colour.

Step 3: For the front section, or money piece, pastelise each of the shades from the new Fantasy Collection by mixing with an equal ratio of Pulp Riot Clear. Take fine sections of hair and apply Pulp Riot Pyro plus Clear to the roots, then Elixir plus Clear to the upper mid-length, Sorcery plus Clear to the lower mid-length and Guardian plus Clear to the ends. Use fingers to smudge between the different shades to create seamless blends.

Step 4: Repeat the process to the rest of the money piece. Leave to develop for 40 minutes then rinse with cold water.

The braids

Pulp riot festival hair

The braids for this fabulous festival look are created using a five-strong method.

Step 1: Take a section of hair and split into three. Apply hairspray to create a little friction to ease handling of the hair. Leave plenty of root drag to show off the colour.

Step 2: Use the classic under/over plaiting technique but stop after the first stage of the process.

Step 3: Take a fourth section of hair from the right of the existing section and integrate with the three strands of hair from the initial plait using the under/over technique, once again stopping after the first stage of the process so that most of the section remains unplaited.

Step 4: Take a fifth section from the left of the existing braid and repeat the process.

Step 5: Continue the plaiting process, alternation from right to left.

Step 6: Fasten the end of the section with elastic, leaving some hair free for a more undone look.

Finish with hairspray.

Top tip

Keep the model’s head tilted down in order to maintain the tension on the section of hair while braiding.

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