Get creative with Viva Magenta

Pantone colour of the year

Pantone revealed its new Colour of the Year 2023 as Viva Magenta. They describe the vibrant pink as exploring the dynamic between artificial intelligence and human creativity to create “The Magentaverse.” Let’s hear what you have to say about this year’s colour: Kicking things off:

The colour heralds a year of colour possibilities, stepping away from the pastel and muted shades of the previous season. For Pulp Riot we hear from artist Katie Geedes. She tells us “It’s a bright shock of colour which in clothing, hair or make-up can look super chic, trendy or even reach out for grunge as well! It’s a great colour for hairdressers to get creative with as it’s so versatile. It’s going to look amazing on a base 7-10 or even a deeper base 6 and especially for balayage clients or clients who are wanting a pop of colour.” 




Let’s find out what Suzie McGill, Artistic Director at Rainbow room International, has to say about this year’s colour of the year:

“Hair this colour can be so much fun. It can be worn all over the hair for clients who want something bold and vibrant, or it can be paired with a root stretch for something a little more low-maintenance yet still quirky and exciting. The beauty of this shade when it comes to hair is that it will add warmth and a gorgeous glow to all complexions. However, it will look particularly flattering on those with medium-darker skin tones.” 

Sounds good doesn’t it? We are so excited to see people with this colour… 

Tracey Ann Smith, ASP Global Ambassador, tells us her view: 

“It’s a fantastic way to bring light and excitement into a new year! Viva Magenta is of course associated with the red colour family, however this shade is something revolutionary. A warmer tone, it is very much bringing a sense of joy and excitement, with pink pigments added to bring it to life. In a time where many have lost hope with the looming recession and cost of living crisis, this colour will certainly add some excitement and colour back into everyday life. It’s a colour that is inviting and makes you want more.” 

What a great way of looking at this year’s colour of the year, a pop of colour is exactly what we need, you’re right Tracey! 

Adding to the conversation, Seung Ki Baek, for the Rush Artistic Team, figures we have truly stepped into ‘megantaverse’ saying:

“This is a gorgeous, unique and animated shade that will allow us as colourists to be experimental in 2023. Pinks were so on trend throughout 2022, with hot pinks in particular being prominent on the catwalks and it’s no surprise that a pink tone would be the colour of the year for 2023. With Viva Magenta being a richer, more berry like hue, this is the perfect shade for the festive season we are now in and for the winter period. I think this shade would look particularly great on those with shorter hair, being panelled through the hair to give a funky, high fashion finish.”

We agree! We’re so excited to see Viva Magenta feed into colour appointments, collections, and awards… 

Andrew Smith, Owner of Andrew Smith Salons and Z.One Concepts Global Ambassador, shares his excitement for this year’s colour of the year: 

“I really do welcome the new colour of 2023, I think it’s very commercial and with the tone being a beautiful blend of warm and cool, I think the suitability will be endless. I love the earthy feel with a connection to nature, which will provoke different feelings with a sensorial vibe. Some may look and think it’s just a red but to me it’s so much more, it’s the feeling that a colour provides that I feel gives it a real interest. For me it gives a feeling of calm joyfulness.”

We couldn’t agree more, the colour (especially on hair) does really provide a calming feeling! 

Brian Leo McCallum, owner of ROAR Hair and Beauty Salon Group, takes up the story: 

“What a gorgeous shade to see as the brand new Pantone Colour of the Year for 2023. Whilst vibrant and bright, this shade is actually very versatile and can be incorporated into many different hair colours and styles.

To celebrate Pantone’s colour of the year Viva Magenta we are going to be utilising our @pure pigments Cool Pink by Goldwell in ROAR salons. These amazing drops can be used to customise any colour towards the Viva Magenta colour palette. Whether it is subtle hints of pink through a deep brunette or pastel hues on blondes looking to play with the magenta shade or a guest fully embracing the Viva Magenta metaverse! ROAR will customise your colour mixture to include this new exciting trend. “

Oooo, we look forward to seeing what comes out of the ROAR salons… 

Next we have Safy B giving us her thoughts on this year’s colour of the year: 

“The new Pantone Colour of the Year is fantastic and gives a whole new lease of life to us as colourists. Viva Magenta is so vibrant, strong and is a very exciting colour, giving us all a colourful look at the world ahead of us, whilst adding a sense of creativity into our lives.

Viva Magenta is a member of the ‘red’ family however this shade of red has a variety of warmer tones added into it, to create a much more welcoming and invigorating colour. As a lover of vivids, it is a joy to see this chosen for 2023 and I feel it reflects greatly on the experiences of individuals throughout the last few years and brings a sense of hope for the New Year.”

Yes Safy, the colour does really give a sense of hope, we’re excited!! 

Finally, we hear from Dan Spiller, Joico Colour Ambassador for the UK, Europe and Ireland and current holder of the BHA’s British Colour Technician of the Year trophy.

Let’s see what his thought are on this year’s colour of the year: 

“Viva Magenta is a breath of fresh air, it’s something exciting, vibrant and full of creativity! There was so much speculation around this year’s Pantone Color of the Year however for this be announced as the chosen colour I know every colourist will be ecstatic. A descendant from the ‘red’ family, Viva Magenta is a colour which displays strength, brightness and a sense of warmth and inclusion. With reds a big trend for 2023, this gorgeous new vibrant colour will take centre-stage with clients. It is very unique in its own way and something we expect clients to love just as much as us. When diluting this into salon trends, using the colour as flashes throughout the hair, as a global application or as a gorgeous balayage technique – the opportunities are endless. 2023 is about being creative and excited about colour, and Viva Magenta is the perfect way to begin this new colour journey.”

Oh yes, bring on Viva Magenta this year! We can’t wait to see everyone enjoying this colour, I’m sure we’re going to see some incredible designs with it… We would love to see if you have already had any clients requesting the colour of the year? 

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