TrendVision Award ITVA

Thanks to the fantastic connectivity of the Internet and social media, Wella Professionals is able to announce the winners of the 17th International TrendVision Awards ITVA!


Live competition was not possible this year given the unprecedented pandemic of Covid-19. But we’re delighted to see that Wella has used its considerable online presence and global Instagram account @wellahair to celebrate winners. And here they are for the main two categories: International Color Artist of the Year; and International Creative Artist of the Year.TrendVision ITVA 2020 Sylvie Moreau, President Coty Professional Beauty says:. “We felt that celebrating these winners not only was a well-deserved recognition of their talent and potential but that it would bring some positive news in a time when this industry needs to uplift its spirit.”

Winner International Color Artist

Reiner Sauter, Vice President Creative Hair, commented, The color placement and the subtle differentiations in the color saturation underlines the details of the style. The contrast between the curved line, that perfectly frames the face and the diffused, soft texture towards the tips where the color fades and the texture dissolves, makes this look a masterpiece. Finally, the shade selection fits perfectly to the model’s skin and eye color.” 

Winner International Creative Artist of the Year

Trendvision ITVA 2020Sauter commented, “The look from Charles Junior Louw shows strong mastery skills with a true artistic flair. What I personally love about this style, is how even a highly dramatic transformation results in a beautifully crafted look, that shows the model at her best and makes her glow. It takes a real master to compose such a strong look where style, cut and color are working perfectly together.” 

Gallery of winners

Here you can browse winning looks including the silver and bronze placed looks as well as the gold. And bravo to Brits who are in the mix: Heather Mackenzie who took Silver Color Artist of the Year for the UK; Leandro Santos Santana @leodecode who is Silver Creative Artist of the Year; and Sophie Kinloch @sofdoessomehair for Bronze Creative Artist of the Year.

Prize time!

Wella Professionals is planning to invite the ITVA 2020 finalists and winners to attend the upcoming Coty Professional Beauty Destination Event for a special experience and recognition. The event is currently set to be hosted on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain this coming September. The Destination Event consists of three full days of inspirational shows, educational workshops and opportunities to connect and celebrate with talented hairdressers from across the industry. 

Wella Professionals would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to ITVA 2020. In these uncertain times, we are more determined than ever to champion those in the industry who are setting the bar of excellence and are deserving of this industry-defining award. We believe it is more important than ever to applaud the amazing artistry of our industry’s top talent,” said Moreau. “Stay safe, stay strong,” she concluded. 

Brilliant talent, amazing standard. We like very much indeed!


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