On Nature’s Side

Green Salon Collective launches On Nature’s Side, a biodegradable cleaning product that is environmentally-friendly and safe for use on all salon tools. Finally, here we have a non-harmful cleaning product you can use in the salon following your colour appointments, how ideal. Green Salon Collective previously worked with us at Colour World UK 2023 to help keep the event sustainable. They did a fab job, and we can see the brand’s efforts continue to make the hairdressing industry more environmentally-friendly and sustainable. Good-going!

Product details

On Nature’s Side is a biocide formulated from natural ingredients effective against 99.995% of known microorganisms. These include: Influenzas, e-coli, c-difficile, MRSA, and norovirus. The gentle, non-toxic formula isn’t harmful to aquatic life…unlike the popular Barbicide and other salon-cleaning products. So it safe for our water system. If you are looking for a way to make your salon greener, this is it. Added benefit is that using more environmentally-friendly cleaning products may appeal to a wider audience of colour-clients as many consumers prioritise sustainability.

Green Salon Collective


The product is natural and free from harmful chemicals, including alcohol, parabens, and dyes. This makes it safe to use on combs, scissors, surfaces, floors and seating without impacting clients. Bonus? The product deodorises, leaving your salon smelling fresh and clean. We like the sound of this.

Green Salon Collective

Green Salon Collective’s commitment

To further its commitment to the environment, On Nature’s Side is packaged in a reusable plastic bottle made from recycled plastic. The best part? Green Salon Collection offers a refill service. You can return your empty bottle via a carbon offset transportation system. For every bottle sold of On Nature’s Side, the promise from Green Salon Collective is to collect four plastic bottles from the ocean. Meaning you can simultaneously help your salon and the environment. This is definitely an initiative we can get behind. 

Green Salon Collective

Fry Taylor

Fry Taylor, Green Salon Collective founder, says: “On Nature’s Side is a new direction for Green Salon Collective. We usually recycle other companies’ products and to be making our own is super exciting. The fact that we’ve pre-sold 400 units before it is even launched says everything you need to know. Stylists want high-performance products derived from nature (and not chemicals) and this product is, in every sense, On Natures Side “ 

On Nature’s Side is available in 500ml spray bottles. Click here to pre-order and receive exclusive savings of up to 35% when purchasing 12 bottles. Orders will be shipped once sales hit 500 units. 

Green Salon Collective helped us keep Colour World 2023 sustainable, click here to learn more

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