A new venture for Karine Jackson

A new venture for Karine Jackson… A hairdresser and businesswoman, Karine has been a great supporter of Colour World UK with her help. Specifically, Karine took on a role this year to aid Colour World in becoming a more sustainable event. Now she will be continuing this passion to protect the planet as she launches her sustainability consultancy for the hair and beauty industry. 

Portrait Karine Jackson

Let’s hear more… 

Coming from Australia, a country arguably way ahead when it came to sustainability and water conservation, Karine was one of the first UK salons to use organic, ammonia-free colour. She was prompted to switch when a client suffering cancer asked her to research what was available. This was just the start of her sustainability journey – Karine subsequently became the first London salon to go free from single-use-plastic, as she established a long-term relationship with sustainability campaigner and journalist and author of Turning The Tide On Plastic, Lucy Siegle. This led to Karine forming a collaboration with Green Salon Collective, and informed her understanding of how to reduce waste at Colour World by 50% in her role as Sustainability Curator at this year’s event in May.

Karine Jackson @ CW23
Karine Jackson at CW23

Hear from Karine: 

“With all the difficulties faced by London salon owners post-Covid and in the current financial climate, I made the decision not to renew my lease [at the Karine Jackson Hair salon] to allow me time to focus on my passion – a new sustainability project working as a consultant for salons and companies within the hair industry. I want to help them hit the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for reducing climate change globally. 

“My learnings over the past 20 years have made me more determined to help our industry, which is a huge consumer of energy and producer of waste, to reduce our environmental impact. When I first did a ‘plastic audit’ at my salon I was astonished by how much extra waste accumulated. I took action. I wrote to Who Gives A Crap toilet paper manufacturers and complained about the plastic insert in their tissue boxes. Unnecessary and wasteful I said, and which they subsequently removed. I bought my team reusable coffee cups and water bottles and banned single-use containers at the salon. I introduced vegan services, and switched to companies including Vish to measure colour more efficiently. I won the Vish Waste Warrior Awards for three consecutive years! 

“I can quickly see where businesses need to implement new policies and make changes to become substantially more sustainable, and I’m looking forward to working with salons, brands, events and more for this new project.” 

Karine, who has sat on many panels and podcasts on the topic of sustainability, will continue working creatively with hair as a freelancer. This gives her the flexibility to see clients and work on Fashion Week alongside her sustainability consultancy. We’re really excited to see Karine’s career progress. 

July is Plastic Free month, and Karine is available to share her tips for the hair and beauty industry. Drop her a DM on IG @karinejacksonhair 

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