Fall in Love with Recycling

Valentines’ Day is the perfect time to appreciate and love what’s around you… Loved ones, friends, family, and most importantly, our environment. Our friends at Green Salon Collective have announced their latest campaign, “Fall in Love with Recycling”. The initiative aims to inspire and support hairdressing businesses in transitioning towards eco-friendly practices, leaving behind the environmental impact of landfills. 

Green Salon Collective

What’s included?  

Access to exclusive discounts:  

Green Salon Collective will offer special discounts to hairdressing businesses looking to embrace recycling and reduce their carbon footprint. Salons can take a step towards a greener future while enjoying profitable and cost-effective solutions.  

Unlock their green potential:  

By booking a call with Green Salon Collective you can achieve a seamless and sustainable transition into greener hairdressing. Businesses can gain access to exclusive discounts tailored to their unique needs. The Green Salon Collective team is ready to guide businesses through the process of doing so.  

Green Salon Collective

Fall out of love with landfill: 

Fall out of love with landfills and start recycling your salon’s waste hair in over 10 different ways this February. By embracing recycling, salons not only contribute to a cleaner planet but also position themselves as leaders in sustainable beauty practices.  

“At Green Salon Collective, we believe that ‘Falling in Love with Recycling’ is not just a campaign; it’s a commitment to a sustainable future. We are thrilled to offer exclusive discounts to empower hairdressing businesses to make eco-friendly choices without compromising on quality or affordability.” – Fry Taylor, co-founder, of Green Salon Collective.  

Green Salon Collective

How to get involved:  

Hair and beauty businesses eager to “Fall in Love with Recycling” and unlock exclusive discounts can book a call with Team GSC here 

We are proud supporters of Green Salon Collective, the team joins us at our Colour World events to ensure the event is as green as possible. Last year we had an extremely successful year where Green Salon Collective helped us achieve a Zero-to-Landfill status – a first for UK hairdressing event. We are pretty chuffed… Thank you again, Fry and team.

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