Strawberry Girl Summer

We’re all catching Hailey Bieber’s viral make-up trend Strawberry Girl Summer. The Strawberry Girl make-up look encompasses a wholesome, natural aesthetic with a glossy finish. But how does this translate into hair colour? Luckily this aesthetic goes hand in hand with some lush colour options for clients. Osmo ambassador Jake Nugent explores exactly what this means in practice to help you create the perfect Strawberry Girl Summer hair in the salon.  

Hair by Jake Nugent for Osmo

Jake Nugent’s strawberry-girl summer hair-hacks 

Jake Nugent says: “The new Strawberry Girl summer aesthetic translates into hair nicely. With this trend, we’re seeing a movement towards much more natural and glossy-looking colours, whether this be blonde, brunette, or other natural colours. This trend focuses on hair that is healthy, shiny, and effortless– just as Hailey is showing off in her social accounts.” 

Hair by Jake Nugent for Osmo

Get the look:

“For your colour clients, ensure they’re keeping their colour fresh in-between salon visits for that ultimate Strawberry Girl summer vibe. The backwash and at-home 3-minute colour and shine-boosting conditioners, Osmo Colour Revive, now has 11 shades. The latest Latte shades in the range can even help you jump on another summer trend – the latte-look.”

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