CWTV is the first event to send zero waste to landfill

According to sustainability partner – Green Salon Collective – CWTV21 was the first hair industry event to send zero waste to landfill. We are absolutely over the moon with this news! A huge milestone that goes hand in hand with our passion to be more and more sustainable.

Representing the Green Salon Collective over the weekend of filming was Fry Taylor and his colleague Holly; who were on hand to advise colourists and share valuable insight into how to minimize or eliminate harmful waste.

Breakdown of what we diverted from landfill

Approximately, we collected and sent for recycling…

  • 8L of chemicals
  • 15kg of metal
  • 42kg plastic and cardboard
  • 48kgs glass

Shockingly, for the vast majority of hairdressers and salons, every tube of tint, squirt of wasted colour and plastic carton or cup is in landfill and will be there for many years.

“We have to pay attention to what hairdressing is doing with its waste. Whether you’re looking at the issue or not, your clients will be and they want you to do better, too. Through the brilliantly informative talks on Colour World TV, I’ve learned a hell of a lot about can be done. For sure, everyone needs to sign up to this problem – divert waste, inform ourselves in reducing our carbon footprint. It makes sense now financially, ethically and morally – and is the only way to ensure a promising future for our industry.”  Nicky Pope, owner and director of Colour World UK and Respect for Hair

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