Take Back, Get Back

Strap yourselves in and join Aveda on a brand new sustainability journey. The launch of an empty bottle take-back initiative in the UK – the Aveda Full Circle Take Back Programme. As the first beauty brand to use 100% post-consumer recycled materials in its packaging, the launch of Aveda Full Circle is a natural next step for Aveda in its ongoing quest to address its impacts related to packaging, including minimising packaging materials and maximising recycling and the use of recycled content.

Minimal Packaging, Maximum Recycling

For decades, Aveda has been dedicated to decreasing its environmental impact through responsible packaging. The vast majority of Aveda products can be curbside recycled and are made of 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) packaging. Where that isn’t possible, the brand combines PCR materials with bioplastic made from sugarcane that won’t compromise recycling systems. With the Full Circle Programme, Aveda invites consumers to bring empty products to a participating UK salon, providing a takeback mechanism for empties that prevents them from ending up in a landfill. The materials are then directed to a third party recycling partner who will recycle what they can and any remaining materials will be converted waste to energy.

How Aveda Full Circle Take Back Works

While many Aveda products are recyclable at home, a handful – pumps, small bottles (150ml or less), samples, pouches, makeup items and tubes – are not, due to the composition, size or shape of the material. Aveda encourages guests to reuse these items wherever possible, and when finished, this is where Aveda Full Circle comes in: consumers are encouraged to drop off these empties that are not easily curbside recycled to any of the 35 participating Aveda salons across the UK. In exchange, guests will receive 200 Aveda Plus Rewards points per eligible product returned.1 Aveda will then collect the empties and pass them along to its recycling partner, who will recycle what they can, with any remaining materials being converted waste to energy.

Refill, Reuse, Reduce: New Refillable Program Minimises Plastic Consumption

Alongside the launch of the Full Circle Takeback Programme, Aveda further deepens
its commitment to minimizing packaging with the introduction of refillable pouches in the UK. The 500 mL refill pouch contains 73% less plastic than two Aveda 250ml bottles. The new refillable format will initially be available for the Light and Deep Shampoos within Aveda’s Nutriplenish franchise, with the goal of expanding the programme in the future. Once empty, the refill pouches can be brought to participating salons as part of the Aveda Full Circle Takeback programme, where it will be passed along to Aveda’s recycling partner and ultimately converted waste to energy.

Aveda Global Brand President, Barbara De Laere says, “Sustainability is at the core of our brand, and launching a takeback programme is another step we are taking toward helping to minimise waste and lessen our environmental impact. We are very excited to pilot this programme in the UK, where consumers have shown an eagerness to make more sustainable decisions around consumption and recycling. Our goal is to roll it out in several additional countries in the future, and we are excited about the potential long and short-term impact of the programme.”


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