Schwarzkopf Professional: Acid Riot

We’ve seen Schwarzkopf Professional’s first Essential Look – Re-Rooted... Next up we have Acid Riot, seeking to challenge and empower the hairdressing community.   

Schwarzkop Professional Essential Looks

Meet the creators  

  • Schwarzkopf Professional Global Ambassadors Tyler Johnston and Lesley Jennison 
  • Schwarzkopf Professional Global Styling Ambassador Nick Irwin  
  • Schwarzkopf Professional Guest Artists Christos Michailidis, Ashlee Norman and Grace Dalgleish  

Acid Riot, inspiration:  

Acid Riot: for the self-made, non-conformist. Acid Riot has a raw, revolutionary energy – centred around the idea of looking and living your way. Lines are blurred, and traditional identities are broken down and redefined. Challenging topics are embraced with solutions sought through digital activism. Trend 2 channels the fluid, inclusive, constantly shifting world of today’s most overt trendsetters and tastemakers. Do it your way.  

Acid Riot catwalk look:  

Cut by Nick Irwin who says the Acid Riot trend, “embraces a totally fluid way of thinking and working, which creates a very modern texture and attitude.” This 90s-inspired, tailored yet torn-edged look presents an effortlessly strong attitude. Coloured by Grace Dalgleish, the look feels worn in and washed out, creating a perfectly imperfect colour that will make you look twice. 

Key products:  

  • Fibre Clinix Tribond shampoo & treatment + vibrancy & volume boosters  
  • Igora Vario Blond plus, Igora Vibrance, Chroma ID  
  • Session Label The Coat, The Miracle 

Acid Riot Salon Look:  

Hair right now celebrates embracing natural texture and nuances. Nick Irwin’s Acid Riot Salon Look: a seamless, freehand, dry haircut, taps into the natural pattern of the hair. Grace Dalgleish applies colour with a totally personalised palette with a DIY aesthetic and grunge feel. 



Salon service, #AcidRinse:  

The Acid Riot Salon Look is all about creating a totally bespoke, personalised look in collaboration with your client. Grace Dalgleish’s Acid Rinse colour service shows how to create hair colour which feels self-made. Utilising both palette and placement to create hair colour with personality. Combining bold and pastel tones, this freehand technique allows the colourist to construct perfect ‘imperfections’ by painting with freedom and purpose. “Use finer slices when layering your tones to create a softer feeling. For a higher impact, keep your sections big and chunky.” – Grace Dalgleish. 

Key products:  

  • Fibre Clinix Tribond Shampoo & Treatment + Hydrate & Vibrancy Boosters 
  • Igora Vario Blond Super Pluss, Chroma ID, Igora Vibrance  
  • Session Label The Jelly, The Flexible  

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