Creative day at Rainbow Room International

A creative day is great incentive for a team to let their imaginations fly, feel excited to try new things, and gives you a chance to see what everyone is capable of. Longtime recognised for artistic prowess, the Rainbow Room International in Scotland loves a good get-together! Recently stylists, apprentices and directors from across the Rainbow Room salon group came together for a creative day at the house academy in Glasgow. We hear it was a day of celebration and inspiration! A way to show off skills, and learn something new while connecting with other artists from the group. 

Hosting a creative day is a great way to bring your salon team together to connect and inspire. See how RRI did it and maybe try it for yourselves:

Let’s look at some of the looks from the Rainbow Room creative day:

Artistic team members Suzie McGill and Diana Carson showed two highly-skilled commercial cuts on stage. Cutting skills on a live model is a great show piece! Suzie created a precise, sleek bob cut in four sections, from the front to the back. Diana made a bi-level cut with variations of layering, a different take on the mullet with a waterfall effect and a square finish. 

Suzie also presented a shullet (mullet and a shag) with bi-levels, crested sides and a chunky, textured fringe. We hear this look resulted in a grungy look with raw texture…sounds very cool.

Next up, colour. Diana showed off a transformational colour look where she took red to dark blonde with ‘patches’ of colour for a unique finish. 

Suzie and Diana also discussed the inspiration and techniques used for this year’s Rainbow Room collections; it was a day of creativity after all. One thing to note: In this year’s collections, creative colour placement was used to make the detailed haircuts pop.

Looks by Riccardo and Coco

Rainbow Room International directors and artistic team members Riccardo Corvi and Coco McMahon also showed looks. Riccardo created a look with square colour panels through the hair. Coco demonstrated a technique ideal for longer-haired clients who want a more edgy finish. He created texture through the top of the hair with a razor. This is one way to make one-length cuts less boring for sure. 

Daisy Maguire

Daisy Maguire, artistic team member, academy assessor and Howard Street salon designer, presented a 20-minute colour technique to refresh balayage and grown-out blonde. Daisy broke up the money piece with foil, applying root colour over the harsh blonde and then applying chunky sections/weaves of colour, pleating away the blonde sections to keep these light and bright. You can use this colour technique to help clients refresh their balayage.

Wig work

Rainbow Room International has started using wigs in shows and collections. Suzie, Diana and new art team member Archie Lam discussed this and showed off some finished wig looks. 

Looks from the Young Art Team

The day finished with Young Art Team tutorials, which encompassed assistants and stylists from across the salons who had created their own creative hair looks on models.

Lily Lamb, Great Western Road stylist, created a colourful buzz-cut look.

Natasha Brand, a Level 3 trainee at Ayr, created a root smudge and seamless balayage using cling film to prevent drying.

Rachael MacDonald, salon director at Ayr, created a beautiful colour spill of greens and a super textured, square-layer look.

Alana Robertson, a Level 3 trainee at Howard Street, showed a beautiful copper peach colour with a concave layer and texture.

Jamie Lee Murphy, a Level 3 trainee at Howard Street, displayed a messy space bun look with hidden pastel colours underneath.

Fabrizio Delvecchio, Level 2 trainee at Howard Street, showed a Kurt Cobain style, 90s grunge look created with razors and a chunky weave, dirty balayage. 

Becky Jack, stylist at Great Western Road, then showed off her traditional mullet style cut with fading at the sides using a razoring technique.

Archie Lab, stylist at the Uddingston salon and art team member, showed a shag, square layer haircut with softness, a Jellyfish inspired haircut with lighter colour created underneath that took inspiration from his Asian heritage.

Looking for some more colour inspiration? Here you go: INSPIRATION


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