Colours of the Season

Want to learn about Goldwell’s Colours of the Season? Just like the brand’s designated Colour of the Year, Goldwell also releases key colours for each season in 2023. Time for Autumn/Winter… season 4; dive into the captivating Burnished Copper and Chromis Lustre. These vibrant shades are creative inspiration to help you in the salon this season. Read on as we encourage you to play or adapt these to suit different tastes.  

Burnished Copper

Use this bold and contemporary shade to elevate your hair colour artistry. This is a shade with warm undertones infused with a fresh and modern approach. Burnished Coppy accentuates the natural beauty and versatility of brown. Goldwell says this transformative colour celebrates individuality and evokes a sense of natural elegance. Bonus: This shade brings out the best in every hair type, from luxurious waves to sleek, straight styles. So, it’s suitable for many of your salon clients. 

Jane Boddy, Goldwell’s global colour expert, says “Burnished Copper exudes an illuminating warmth that emanates a radiant light akin to the golden hour in autumn. Bursting with orange, red, and yellow layers, it boasts a rich, deep saturation that gives it an intense and vibrant appearance.” 

Chromis Lustre

Chromis Lustre is Goldwell’s latest evolution of bluish-grey hues, infused with striking levels of blue and green. Goldwell says this mesmerising shade embodies the essence of modern colour. It demands depth and dimension for a truly captivating appearance. Use this colour for clients who want to make a statement. In the salon you can explore ways to use Chromis Lustre to achieve a contemporary and avant-garde aesthetic. This vibrant shade captivates the eye, drawing attention to every strand and creating a remarkable visual impact.  

“Chromis Lustre is a smoky blue colour that delicately incorporates green and grey levels, portraying a mysterious atmosphere that seems to be plucked from the depths of space,” says Jane. “This unique combination of hues creates a sense of depth and intrigue. The smoky blue base adds a touch of tranquillity and calmness, while the infusion of green adds an element of nature and vitality, and the grey undertones give the colour a contemporary and edgy feeling with a fresh attitude.” 

Now for the technical part. Goldwell shares the formula details

Burnished Copper Formula with Topchic:

10ml System Developer Lotion 6% 10ml TC 8KN
2 drops @PP Cool Violet 

Burnished Copper Formula with Colorance:

30ml System Developer Lotion 2% 5ml Colorance 8SB
5ml Colorance 8K
5ml Colorance 10BB 

3 drops @PP Cool Violet 

Burnished Copper Formula with Elumen:

5ml Elumen NA@8 5ml Elumen KB@7 10ml Elumen BG@7 

Chromis Lustre Formula with Elumen:  

20ml Elumen PlBlue@10
2ml Elumen GY@6
2ml Elumen TQ@all 

1ml Elumen @all 

Looking for some more colour inspiration? Here you go: INSPIRATION


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